Who Is Chris Sutton? 5 Things to Know About Bachelorette's Alleged 'Snake'

‘Bachelorette’ contestant Chris Sutton called out some season 18 contestants for allegedly not giving Michelle Young the ‘effort’ she deserved, causing a rift in the house — learn more

Southern gentleman? Chris Sutton flew under the radar on The Bachelorette after his bus arrival during the season 18 premiere — but things appeared to change in November with one fellow housemate calling him a “snake.”

The 28-year-old contestant pulled up on a yellow school bus during the show’s October premiere as a nod to Michelle Young’s job as a fifth-grade teacher.

“Didn’t you ever learn bus safety? They tell you not to stick your head out the window,” Michelle, 28, joked as Chris S. arrived at the house. “I couldn’t help myself,” he replied.

While Chris’ sweet arrival — he wore shorts and a backpack to fully embody being a schoolboy — earned him some points with Michelle, as the season continued, he started to make waves with some of the other men.

“I want to say something, there are guys here that think they have it in the bag,” Chris said in a teaser for the November 9, episode. “I think that’s bull—t. They’re not showing you the effort that you deserve.”

One man proceeded to call him a “snake” as clips of Chris smiling played in the background. Meanwhile, Nayte Olukoya claimed “there was no reason for any of this” and therefore chose to confront him. In the teaser, the two men have words, and as Nayte leans in toward Chris, he reacts by saying, “Are you going to put hands on me?”

While Chris clearly rubbed some of the guys the wrong way, he appeared to think his actions are that of a knight in shining armor. “I came in on my white horse and I saved her” he said in the clip.

Despite the drama onscreen, Chris’ close friends describe him as “goofy and easygoing,” according to his ABC bio.

“When it comes to relationships, he isn’t here to joke around,” the bio stated. “When Chris S. falls, he falls hard. He is looking for an adventurous woman who is confident, kind and selfless. … He is a firm believer that chivalry isn’t dead.”

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