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Yoo Seon 'These days, I catch a bus every day.' A look that will take you by surprise if you come across it.

Yoo Seon, an actress, publish why she uses public transportation. Yoo Seon posted two photos of his current situation on his personal Instagram on September 28.

Yoo Seon is walking down the street while taking a selfie. Without the use of ostentatious makeup, a woman's natural beauty shines through.

In another photo, he is sitting alone on the bus, enjoying a moment's respite.

(Picture: 사진=유선 SNS)

" Seon Seon said "Daehak-ro every day these days. Instead of getting tired from driving long distances, I abandoned my ambitious plan to read the script while riding public transportation.

When I finally got off the bus after 5 minutes, I nodded and awoke. What is its location? I also compensate for my lack of sleep."

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