Jodi! Tina! 'The Challenge: All Stars' Brings in Heavy Hitters for Season 2

Season 2 of 'The Challenge: All Stars' is set to drop weekly episodes beginning on Thursday, November 11 — meet the full cast

Welcome back! After the massive success of The Challenge: All Stars earlier this year, Paramount+’s reality show is back with another season and even more vets.

TJ Lavin will return to host season 2, Parmount+ announced on Wednesday, October 13, with 24 cast members — some of whom haven’t competed in nearly 20 years.

“With past relationships that run deep and a competitive streak that never dies, they will have to overcome the obstacles both in and out of the game to take home the win,” the press release revealed. “Returning for a chance to win the ultimate competition, the players face unprecedented, over-the-top challenges and vie for their shot at the $500,000 prize.”

Season 1, which aired from April to June, featured the return of Yes Duffy, a Road Rules alum who hadn’t been on The Challenge since 2003. Still, he had the relationships and gameplay to win it all, with longtime vet Darrell Taylor coming in second place and Jonna Mannion and KellyAnne Judd tying for third, beating out all the other female competitors.

Challenge All Stars Season 2 Cast
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The new cast includes eight competitors from the first season of All Stars, but does not include Mark Long, who originally pitched the idea for the show to Paramount+. Long, 50, serves as an executive producer on the season with Julie Pizzi and Justin Booth.

In May, Pizzi teased the future of the franchise on the “Watch With Us” podcast.

“We still have a lot of cast members that we haven’t tapped into that want to do the show. My guess is that we’ll continue that for a little while. Then we might open it up as we go with success,” the Bunim/Murray president told Us at the time. “We have over 100 past Real World or Road Rules players that are interested in doing another cycle. People have reached out to us. It is, like, a wealth of great personalities that are willing to do it, because they thought it looked like a lot of fun.”

She also added that the show is much more than “just a competition series,” which made casting that much more difficult.

“It is also a drama series, it’s a docuseries. There are certain people who really are just all about the game and mostly play the game. They might be incredibly strategic and really good at it, we also ask them to give of themselves and share their experiences and sort of, participate on a larger level,” Pizzi said. “If we have some people that are mostly just really game players, we really do look for people who bring more to the table.”

For a full breakdown of the cast, tune into the latest episode of the “Watch With Us” podcast.

The Challenge: All Stars season 2 will debut weekly on Paramount+ beginning on Thursday, November 11.

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