Scott Speedman’s 5 Most Memorable Roles Before ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

He’s Dr. Nick Marsh on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,” but Scott Speedman will always be Ben Covington to some fans — photos

Feeling a little déjà vu? Scott Speedman returned to Grey’s Anatomy — and was upped to a series regular — more than three years after he was introduced as Dr. Nick Marsh, but viewers might remember a few of his other famous roles.

Speedman was born in London and raised in Canada, where he got his start on TV series like Nancy Drew and Goosebumps. However, his big break — and one of his most iconic roles — came when he was 23 on The WB’s Felicity as Ben Covington. He was the college drama’s heartthrob, unknowingly convincing a girl from his high school (Keri Russell) to follow him to college across the country.

The Felicity-Ben-Noel (Scott Foley) love triangle became one of TV’s most memorable, and Speedman revealed that Grey’s Anatomy‘s similarities to Felicity lured him back to broadcast TV.

“I’ll just say that I think the romantic comedy aspect of things was interesting to me. … I used to do a show, way back,” Speedman told Deadline in October 2021, confirming that he was referring to his four-season run on Felicity, which ended in 2002. “It kind of reminded me of that, a little bit, and that’s a really nice suit to put back on, in a way, you know?”

His Grey’s character, a traveling transplant doctor, has obvious chemistry with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Nick and Mer’s clear connection might remind some viewers of the sparks between Ben and Felicity, but it wasn’t just the chance to be a romantic lead that drew Speedman back to primetime.

Speedman emphasized that he enjoys the environment on Grey’s Anatomy. “That’s what I mean, not just the chemistry,” he added. “I’ve been on shows that I’ve enjoyed and shows that I don’t, and it’s a rare thing to have something like this, and it just feels good being here more than anything.”

Fans will get to know Dr. Nick Marsh throughout Grey’s Anatomy season 18. Though he hasn’t been hired at Sloan Grey Memorial (despite several open positions), he is a series regular, meaning he’ll find a way to pop up in Mer’s life throughout the season. Those who can’t get enough of the newest swoon-worthy doctor can dive into his past roles.

Even those who haven’t watched the J.J. Abrams series might recognize Speedman from his darker projects. In the 20 years between Felicity and Grey’s Anatomy, Speedman has made his mark as a werewolf/vampire hybrid, a mobster and more.

Check out Speedman’s most memorable roles below:

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