‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Finale: Who Got Engaged and Who Broke Up?

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ ended with three engagements and several splits during the season 7 finale — find out where all the couples stand now

Paradise for some, a nightmare for others. Bachelor in Paradise season 7 ended with multiple engagements and several splits during the Tuesday, October 5, finale.

The episode picked up with Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer’s tense conversation at prom. She told him she wanted to forget about their relationship and move on, so they said goodbye and he left. Noah didn’t regret staying with Abigail and trying to make it work, telling the cameras that he thought they were great together but weren’t soulmates. Abigail, for her part, announced Noah’s exit to the cast and confessed that she felt humiliated. She believed Noah knew all along how he felt but didn’t want to be the one to call it quits. She wondered whether he was just scared and using his doubts as an excuse, but she said she needed time to process everything as she exited.

The remainder of the cast then went into the rose ceremony after the cocktail party was canceled. Natasha Parker and Chelsea Vaughn were sent home after Ed Waisbrot and Aaron Clancy gave their roses to Mykenna Dorn and Tia Booth, respectively.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who met on season 6 of the show, arrived the next day to urge the seven remaining couples to have serious conversations about whether their relationships could make it outside of Paradise.

Thomas Jacobs wanted to stick with Becca Kufrin, but she felt like she didn’t know all of him, so she suggested that they break up. Thomas got emotional while trying to convince Becca they could work it out, but she was confident in her decision, so they both left solo. However, after he encouraged her to have faith in their connection, she wondered whether she made the wrong choice.

Ed, for his part, hoped to go to the fantasy suite with Mykenna, but she did not think their bond was strong enough to explore outside of the show, so they broke up and left the beach. Anna Redman was similarly optimistic about her connection with James Bonsall, but he told her couldn’t see them falling in love. She felt led on, but he didn’t want to say he was open to a relationship with her if he wasn’t.

After his split from Anna, James asked Aaron to leave with him. Aaron had a quick conversation with Tia, informing her that he cared about her, but he wanted to go with James. So, Tia and Anna left single, while Aaron and James departed together and became roomates in San Diego.

Kenny Braasch was worried that Mari Pepin was not ready for an engagement since she was in her 20s, but she assured him that she was, so they stayed and went to the fantasy suite together. Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn also agreed to spend more time together in the fantasy suite after he jokingly made her think he didn’t want to. Joe Amabile, meanwhile, was scared that Serena Pitt would get cold feet about an engagement like his ex Kendall Long did during season 5, but he and Serena were in a good place, so they ultimately went to the fantasy suite. All three of the final couples subsequently said “I love you” to each other.

Back at the beach on the final day, Kenny and Mari got engaged after acknowledging the challenges they faced during their relationship. Riley — who shared his hesitation to propose after the fantasy suite because he wanted to be sure about Maurissa — also popped the question.

Joe was then surprised to be confronted by Kendall, who came back to get closure with him before he asked Serena to marry him. Kendall told Joe she was excited for him and Serena, and the exes agreed that they will always have love for each other. After Kendall left, Joe told Serena about their final run-in, noting that it made him more confident in his love for Serena. He then proposed to her, and she said yes.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where all of the couples stand after the finale.

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