Status Check! Where Each ‘Temptation Island’ Couple Stands Now

Many couples who join 'Temptation Island' have found lasting love on the reality show — read more

Not everyone can handle the temptation! Temptation Island, which first aired on Fox in 2001, returned to USA Network in 2019.

Each season of the show follows four new couples who agree to live separately with a group of singles of the opposite sex. While some are hoping their partners can prove their loyalty, others are seemingly looking for confirmation that they’re with the right person.

During the first season in 2019, Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell joined the show after a 10-year relationship, convinced that they could make it through. Shortly after moving apart, he began dating Morgan Lolar, breaking Kaci’s heart in the process.

At the end of the summer, he told Kaci he wanted to leave with Morgan and she was shocked, despite knowing that they had been hooking up the entire season. While he went on to propose to Morgan, she revealed exclusively to Us Weekly a year later that the two had split.

“He didn’t work the entire time that he lived with me for almost a year and a half. I supported him financially and his excuse for abruptly leaving two days before we were supposed to move to L.A. was that he needed to go ‘work’ to be able to pay me back,” she told Us during a joint podcast with Kaci in 2020. “He said he wanted to feel like a man, kinda blaming me for him not doing anything with his life. It didn’t make any sense to me.”

She claimed that he also cheated on her, allegations he never responded to.

The pair aren’t the only rocky duo to come out of the series. Season 2’s David Benavidez and Kate Griffith went through a roller-coaster during their time on the show, with him having a threesome while in the house.

He chose to leave the show with someone else but later got back together with Kate. “I’ve decided I owe no one answers as to decisions that I’ve made AFTER cameras stopped rolling, REAL life resumed, time & space WERE taken, and REAL conversations were had between David and I,” she shared via Instagram in 2019. “The more negative & judgmental comments I receive the less I really care to tell my side of the story. The negativity, LIES, clout chasing, and drama that surround the show are extremely disappointing!”

Ultimately, however, the pair chose not to stay together, and she has since moved on.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where more of the couples who left Temptation Island together are today:

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