Mike Glennon bringing wealth of quarterback experience to Giants

Giants backup quarterback Mike Glennon has been everywhere in the NFL.

The most famous third-string quarterback in the world made a point that seems to be the exact opposite of Mike Glennon’s line of thinking.

Nick Foles, the MVP of Super Bowl LII, was peppered recently with questions about potential trade destinations if the Bears decide to deal him, and he was clear he doesn’t want to start over in a place where he doesn’t know the coaches or the offense. In other words, Foles would choose to avoid the exact position Glennon is in as the second-stringer with the Giants.

“With the amount of teams I’ve been on, I usually know more coaches on a team than I do players,” Glennon told The Post. “This is rare for me.”

After four seasons with the Buccaneers (who drafted him in 2013 out of North Carolina State), Glennon had one-year stops with the Bears, Cardinals, Raiders and Jaguars before signing a (you guessed it) one-year deal, for $1.375 million, with the Giants. Glennon was a complete stranger to general manager Dave Gettleman, head coach Joe Judge, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski.

Mike Glennon
Corey Sipkin

“They showed the most interest,” Glennon said. “I understand what Nick is saying is nice, but I’ve gotten used to learning a new offense. This is my ninth year, and I’ve had eight different coordinators. It gets easier. I’ve seen just about every play.”

Last season, Glennon, 31, made his first five starts since 2017 and respectably completed 62 percent of his passes with more touchdowns than interceptions (7-5) and 214.4 passing yards per game for Jacksonville. It tied his season-high since starting 13 games for the Buccaneers as a rookie during Greg Schiano’s tenure — and Glennon has taken to his temporary New Jersey home enough to realize Rutgers is “doing a good job recruiting” under Schiano.

Schiano and Judge are acquaintances, by way of Bill Belichick.

“We just liked Mike from knowing the league,” Judge said. “He’s got physical tools that we think will fit into our system very well. We like his demeanor and his mentality coming in. We obviously looked at a lot of quarterbacks this offseason.”

Glennon’s experience is important, because Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has missed two starts to injury in each of his first two seasons. Both Eli Manning (in 2019) and Colt McCoy (last season) went 1-1 off the bench, so opportunity could knock.

“That wouldn’t make me sign here,” Glennon said. “The role of a backup is you have to be ready to go at all times to give your team a chance to win and be the guy in the room to have the starter’s back. You have to watch film and ask questions just like you do if you are playing.”

Giants backup quarterback Mike Glennon (left) said Daniel Jones is always “eager to learn.”
N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Jones is entering his third year, so it’s a slightly different case than when Glennon caddied for second-year Gardner Minshew (Jaguars) or rookies Josh Rosen (Cardinals) and Mitchell Trubisky (Bears).

“Daniel is really intelligent and eager to learn,” Glennon said. “It’s great to be around a guy that just wants to get better because you feel like your opinion is being appreciated. He’ll ask, ‘How did you guys do this over with that team?’ I’ve seen how some of the great minds think about a certain play, and that’s what I like to pass along to guys like Daniel.”

The Jaguars lost by a combined five points in Weeks 12 and 13 when Glennon-led wins would have interrupted a season-ending 15-game skid and might have ruined the franchise’s hopes of landing Trevor Lawrence. Jets fans know the feeling.

“The 53 guys on the team, plus about 20 on the practice squad, plus about 30 coaches or so were the only people who wanted to win in the Jacksonville area,” Glennon quipped. “I understand it, but it was really one of those things where all we’ve got is the guys in this room. It was a challenging year, but good to compete on the field again.”

In contrast to Jaguars fans, Giants fans couldn’t be more starved to win after one playoff game loss to show for the last 10 seasons.

“I live in North Carolina in the offseason, and I would have people coming up to me telling me they are fans of the Giants,” Glennon said. “You feel the large scale the Giants’ national brand brings. I wanted to be a part of that.”

This story originally appeared on: NyPost - Author:Ryan Dunleavy

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