Before and After! Hannah Brown Unveils Apartment Makeover

'Bachelorette' alum Hannah Brown proudly showed off her updated apartment that relied on reusing the items in her home — see the photos

A new view! Hannah Brown offered her fans a tour of her apartment following a major makeover.

“I finally feel at home! 🏠❤️ I had been putting off designing my space for so long because I kept thinking I would do it at my next place, but I’ve got to tell you that having @puresaltinteriors make-over my apartment has really changed my mindset on that. They came in and made my space so cozy and comfy, I’m so grateful!!” the former Bachelorette, 26, captioned a compilation of photos of her refreshed space via Instagram on Wednesday, July 21.

The former reality star later shared a longer explanation for the change.

“It was beyond time. I never felt like this place was my home,” Brown explained in her Instagram Stories. “I just brought all my old stuff that I had that I lived with for like a quick second at another apartment. I didn’t know where I was going to be, if I was going to like it here.”

Brown worked with Leigh Lincoln and Aly Morford from Pure Salt Interiors to make it happen.

“I seriously was so unsatisfied and frustrated that my places wasn’t ‘pretty’ and put together,” Brown added. “For me, it’s super important that I feel comfortable at home, surrounded by things that inspire me. But I was dragging my feet because I thought, ‘Well I’ll put the time and $$ to make it feel like home … when XYZ happened.'”

Brown offered an in-depth look at all the small details that went into the “huge transformation” on her YouTube channel as well.

In the video, the Alabama native explained that the old items in her home were reused to create the upgraded space. Brown also mentioned that she couldn’t share the news earlier because of her recent neck injury.

Earlier this month, the former pageant queen took to social media to share a selfie of her in bed as she tried to recover from the health scare.

“I’ve been super nauseous from the pain and not really able to do anything,” Brown wrote after she fell and hurt her neck. “Send some prayers and healing energy my way!” By the end of the week, Brown updated her fans that she was starting to feel better.

“Update: I not 100% but I have much more mobility! Woohoo! I’m doing much better,” she shared via Instagram. “Thanks for all the sweet messages and prayers.”

Scroll down to see details of Brown’s cozy apartment:

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