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The $12 million truth about Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN deal

Quite frankly, Stephen A. Smith is being paid.

Quite frankly, Stephen A. Smith is being paid.

Smith’s contract is for $12 million per year, according to sources. As The Post previously reported, Smith’s personal salary is $8 million a year — which is correct — but he also has a $4 million-per-year production contract. 

That makes the total compensation of the contract that he signed in late 2019 a five-year, $60 million deal.

The Athletic first tweeted Smith’s $12 million total compensation number. ESPN declined comment.

This has become relevant because Maria Taylor’s contract is up on July 20 and she has been looking for Smith type money

The Post reported that ESPN has offered a $3 million-per-year deal. Taylor’s contract runs out the day of a potential Game 6 of the Finals. She currently makes $1 million per year.

Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN contract pays him $12 million per year.
NBAE via Getty Images

Smith’s salary is not necessarily relevant to Taylor as he is mostly an omnipresent opinion-maker, with two daily programs (“First Take” on ESPN & “Stephen A’s World” on ESPN+), besides his many appearances on other platforms, while Taylor is a host and a reporter.

In general, TV opinion-makers are given higher salaries than non-news-breaking reporters and hosts.

This story originally appeared on: NyPost - Author:Andrew Marchand

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