MLB umpire Angel Hernandez just won’t stop making terrible calls

MLB’s oft-ridiculed umpire made another egregious call on Monday night.

Angel Hernandez is back at it again

MLB’s oft-ridiculed umpire made another egregious strike call on Monday night, incorrectly punching out the Giants’ Buster Posey on a breaking ball that missed the outside corner by more than four inches.

Posey, expecting the count to be at 2-2, thrust his arms up in disbelief when Hernandez ruled the pitch a strike. 

“Well, in the course of an at-bat, the outside corner will get established by Angel Hernandez,” Giants TV analyst Mike Krukow said during the broadcast, according to NBC Sports Bay Area. “Okay, then you’re saying, ‘Okay, that’s where it’s at.’ And then all of a sudden, he’ll expand the zone. And here, he expands it by about six inches and it winds up costing Posey an at-bat.” 

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez

Quipped Dodgers TV commentator Joe Davis: “Angel Hernandez goes a foot off the plate to ring up Posey.”

Missed calls are nothing new for Hernandez. Earlier this season, Hernandez was responsible for the worst called game of the MLB season, incorrectly calling a grand total of 24 balls and strikes for a correct call percentage of just 83.2%. 

In May, while umpiring a game between the Royals and Indians, Hernandez admitted to guessing on a call when he was allegedly “blinded by the outfield scoreboard.”

This story originally appeared on: NyPost - Author:Jared Greenspan

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