Besties for Life! Justin Theroux Gushes Over Dog Kuma for Her Gotcha Day

Justin Theroux wrote a loving tribute to his dog, Kuma, to celebrate the third anniversary of her gotcha day — read more

A beautiful friendship! Justin Theroux shared an adorable tribute to his dog, Kuma, to mark the third anniversary of her gotcha day — the date he officially adopted her.

“I know you can’t read Kuma, but thank you for being so open, making me laugh, sleeping in later than me, going everywhere by my side, reminding me to stay in the present, to let things roll off me, to have gratitude and joy for everything, even just waking up,” the Wanderlust actor, 49, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, June 8. “Reminding me to be playful. For showing patience.”

The Iron Man 2 screenwriter adopted the pit bull in 2018 and since then, she’s become a constant presence on his Instagram, appearing in many selfies and accompanying Theroux on plenty of adventures. Earlier this year, she even posed with him for the April/May 2021 cover of Esquire magazine.

In his gotcha day post, Theroux also thanked Kuma for “not judging anyone, (except skateboards that you judge harshly)” and “for showing kindness first, to literally everyone you meet.” The Tropic Thunder star called her “an exceptional (but not uncommon) Pitbull ambassador” and praised her “for being my gray shadow … And above all, for guarding the bathroom door literally every time i take a piss like my life depended on it.”

Kuma joined her best pal on the red carpet for the October 2019 premiere of the Lady and the Tramp, in which she had a small role. “I bring her everywhere,” Theroux told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “When people tell me I can’t bring her in, then I apologize and leave.”

The Washington, D.C. native talked about his unique bond with the pup in an April Q&A with Interview magazine. “It’s the only relationship in my life where I think absolute and total commitment to codependency is not just acceptable, but should be nurtured,” he said.

During the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020, the Zoolander 2 star enjoyed weekly “formal” dinners with Kuma.

“What else was I doing?” he joked during a May episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I had nothing else to do. So, I could spend all day getting us ready for those dinners and making those dinners. I would make her a little meal, and she would eat that.”

The Emmy winner documented some of these dinners via social media, and they were every bit as cute as they sounded. “We had a fight today … but worked through it,” he captioned one photo in April 2020, showing himself dressed up at a candlelit table with the pooch. “Oh … and dinner was spaghetti with pesto. Baby tomatoes. Salad. Kuma is wearing a bow tie and tux bib.”

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