This Is It! Mandy Moore and Her Costars React to 'This Is Us' Ending

The 'This Is Us' cast has a lot of emotions about the end of the NBC series — see their reactions

The Pearson family will wrap up their story next year as NBC’s This Is Us comes to an end with season 6, and the cast is speaking out about the decision.

Us Weekly confirmed that season 6 would be the final season earlier this week. Creator Dan Fogelman released his official statement via social media on Friday, May 14.

“Whoever casually first said ‘All good things must come to an end’ never had to end their favorite thing,” Fogelman, 45, wrote. “While sad to have just 1 season left, also grateful to NBC for letting us end the show how, and when, we always intended.”

The executive producer, who also writes and directs for the drama, promised, “We’ll work hard to stick the landing.”

NBC renewed the tearjerker for a fifth and sixth season in 2019, and the cast and crew have stated many times that season 6 would likely be the end of the road for Jack and Rebecca’s family.

Fogelman explained when the season 3 finale aired in 2019 that he believed the series was at the halfway mark.

“I think we’re roughly in the middle of where the television series is going to go,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “We never set out to make a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, and so we have a very direct plan. I have script pages I have written and I’m writing that really are deep, deep, deep into the future. Like, we have a plan for what we’re going to do and I know what the plan is.”

In 2018, Fogelman revealed that scenes for the series finale have already been filmed. “The show won’t overstay its welcome, we have a story to tell, we want to do this the right way. I’ve actually already shot pieces of the final scene of the series,” he told reporters during a For Your Consideration event in Los Angeles.

Banking that footage early was especially necessary as the cast, especially the youngest actors, got older. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, recently said the show would have to come to an end at some point, especially as actors aged out of their flashback roles.

“Creatively, we run into problems. I mean, my character is dead, [and because of the timeline changes] the younger actors who play our kids are growing up and bumping against the ages of the actors who play the same characters as teenagers,” he told Haute Couture‘s May 2021 issue. “So it’s kind of like, well, which one do you choose? There are a lot of roadblocks creatively that the writers just can’t get around. I mean, they can do tons of visual effects to make me look like I’m in my 20s, but we can’t make growing 13 and 14-year-old kids look like they’re 8 again. It’s like reconciling quantum physics or something. Time marches on, and we really can’t hold it back.”

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