Everything 'The O.C.' Cast Has Said About a Possible Reboot

'The O.C.' isn't getting rebooted yet, but stars Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody and others have still weighed in on the idea — see what they've said

California, here we come? The O.C. has been off the air for 14 years, but that hasn’t stopped fans — and former cast members — from speculating about a possible reboot.

Since Rachel Bilson (a.k.a. Summer Roberts) and Melinda Clarke (a.k.a. Julie Cooper-Nichol) launched their new podcast, “Welcome to the OC, Bitches,” in April 2021, interest in another round of Newpsie drama has only increased.

For the podcast, the pair rewatch old episodes of the show and share their memories of filming, with guest appearances from fellow cast members, including Tate Donovan and Peter Gallagher.

“Watching it, I’m just so impressed with how good everybody is,” Bilson told Nylon in April 2021 of revisiting the series. “I feel like it worked because of the natural chemistry and people’s talents, and it’s fun to see that.”

The O.C. followed Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a troubled teen who moved in with the wealthy Cohen family after he got caught trying to steal a car. The Cohens’ son, Seth (Adam Brody), introduced him to comic books and Death Cab for Cutie, while their next-door neighbor Marissa (Mischa Barton) introduced him to Ferris wheel makeouts and shoplifting.

Clarke played one of the most infamous characters on the show — Marissa’s mom, Julie, whose many nefarious deeds included sleeping with her daughter’s 18-year-old ex-boyfriend.

“Julie really is one of the original Housewives,” the Gotham alum told Bustle in April 2021. “She’s a villain but you never play a villain as a villain. You believe your character’s truth — and her truth was maintaining this beautiful façade.”

In the years since the 2007 series finale, the cast has kept busy with other projects, but Bilson thinks the time could be right for a return to the Bait Shop. “Obviously the fashion in the early 2000s is so crazy, but it’s a trip to see some of it resurfacing, like the Juicy Couture tracksuits,” she told Nylon. “I feel like they’re having a resurgence and everyone’s in matching sweatsuits or tracksuits now … so that’s pretty funny.”

Another thing that’s coming back? O.C. creator Josh Schwartz’s other beloved teen drama, Gossip Girl, set to premiere in July on HBO Max. The producer has said he has no plans to revive The O.C. too, but fans are still making the same wish every Chrismukkah. As Julie put it in season 2: “Surf, sex and scandal. It’s a recipe for a cultural phenomenon, don’t you think?”

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