'Senior Edition!' Breaking Down 'The Challenge: All Stars' Premiere

'The Challenge: All Stars' debuted on Paramount + on Thursday, April 1, and fans can't get enough — read more

The Challenge: All Stars or Senior Edition? That’s just one of the many jokes made by Teck Holmes during the premiere of the spinoff series, which dropped on Thursday, April 1, on Paramount +.

Ahead of the premiere, Mark Long — who both executive produces and stars in this season — told Us Weekly exclusively that Jisela Delgado would be a fan favorite. The first episode proved just that, as the Road Rules: The Quest alum, 40, not only made everyone laugh, but also made it very clear to everyone that age is only a number.

In the first daily challenge, the cast was split into two teams. They then had to nominate two captains — a male and a female — without knowing what the future held for the captains of the losing team.

The Challenge All Stars Premiere
The cast of the Paramount+ series THE CHALLENGE: ALL STARS. PARAMOUNT+/MTV

Jisela stepped up right from the start, telling her team, who seemingly had fewer strong men, to stop with their negative attitude, and have a “can do” attitude instead. She volunteered to be the female captain while Teck, 45, became the male captain. On the other team, Laterrian Wallace and KellyAnne Judd stepped into the leadership roles.

It’s important to note that the producers did not hold back when it came to creating a difficult competition. Each team had to complete complex math equations. Every time they solved one, they had to swim out into the water and retrieve a block with the right answer on it. The higher the numbers, the deeper the blocks were underwater — which meant this challenge must have taken hours to complete.

The Challenge All Stars Premiere Alton Derrick
Alton Williams and Derrick Kosinski on THE CHALLENGE: ALL STARS. Paramount+/MTV

The competition wasn’t an easy one by any means and led to multiple cast members need medical assistance. Teck — who is definitely the new comic relief of the show — even joked that this is now “The Challenge: Senior Edition” and he was looking for the walkers.

The team that appeared to include more physically fit competitors — including Mark, 49, Alton Williams, Derrick Kosinski and Ruthie Alcaide — ultimately ended up losing, sending Laterrian, 43, into elimination. Despite the fact that he calls himself a “silent assassin,” he wasn’t so quiet when they all returned to the house.

He told Syrus Yarbrough that he wants to go against Ace Amerson. When that’s revealed to the group before the vote, Ace, 42, told the whole cast that they’re “monsters” — minus Beth Stolarczyk, who he used to have a crush on.

The Challenge All Stars Premiere Ace Laterrian
Ace Amerson and Laterrian Wallace on THE CHALLENGE: ALL STARS. PARAMOUNT+/MTV

After the group had a ’90s party — please bring back theme parties, original Challenge! — and a very bad hangover, they headed to the actual elimination, during which TJ Lavin announced it would be a pole wrestle. Laterrian revealed he’s never watched The Challenge when he asked, “What’s a pole wrestle?”

Once he realized it was a physical competition, the silent assassin couldn’t stop smiling and pretty seamlessly body slammed Ace repeatedly until he secured the win. Meanwhile, the entire cast watched in awe, clearly forgetting just how intense this show actually is.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Thursdays on Paramount+.

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