Model Luna Benna claims she’s ‘too hot’ so Tinder banned her for catfishing

Too hot to have a handle?

An Instagram model claims she’s been booted from Tinder because the dating app thought her sexy photos were fake.

“I’m too hot for Tinder,” said Luna Benna, 21 an Illinois Instagram model with 1.2 million followers who lives in Florida and reportedly makes oodles of cash on her racy OnlyFans account, @luna.benna.

Benna first joined Tinder in 2017 when she was “young, dumb and… looking for love,” she tells Jam Press. She said her scintillating snaps were initially such a hit that she amassed hundreds of matches per month, as well as gift offers and even marriage proposals.

“I received so many odd and silly messages during my time on Tinder,” said the bombshell, who recalled turning down one suitor who offered her cash if she agreed to meet with them. Nonetheless, Benna claims she enjoyed the ritual of matching with men and chatting them up online despite not meeting many with person.

Unfortunately, the few Tinder dates that model did go through with all ended in disaster. Benna recounts one “super awkward experience” where her match said her “presence was so powerful it made him uncomfortable”

Luna Benna says was banned from Tinder after her scintillating snaps were used as catfisher bait.@luna.benna/Jam Press

“He said it honest-to-god temporarily paralyzed him and he’d never met a woman like me before,” said the Instagram goddess, who broke it off shortly afterward when the vibe got weird. Benna also alleged that people even threatened her on Tinder for being too “good looking.”

Things came to a head after shady Tinder users started using Benna’s smoldering snaps to catfish unsuspecting matches. As a result, she claims she was jettisoned from the platform because they couldn’t tell her real account from the imposters.

“There’s so many fake profiles out there, whenever I start a legit account I get reported and Tinder has me taken down,” lamented the distraught model.

Tinder didn’t immediately respond The Post’s request for comment on Benna’s alleged exile. However, the dating app does prohibit “nudity” and “sexually explicit content,” per the community guidelines.

Meanwhile, knockoff accounts have proliferated — in part because Benna said she’s “been on the Internet forever so they have lots of options to work with.”

Instagram model Luna Benna claims she's been booted from Tinder because the dating app thought her stunning photos were fake.

@luna.benna/Jam Press

@luna.benna/Jam Press

@luna.benna/Jam Press

@luna.benna/Jam Press

@luna.benna/Jam Press

She told Jam Press that one internet clout-seeker even made a faux Luna Benna Facebook account with over 1,000 likes. And, in a scarier development, some clandestine Tinder users have even used her likeness to lure unsuspecting women into the sex trade.

“Some of those profiles using my pictures — so it looks like me, but with fake names, like Jessica, Amber or Natalie — refer to themselves as escorts or prostitutes,” said the horrified adult streaming content star.

Unfortunately, attempts to confront catfishers only resulted in Benna being blocked, and also motivated them to appear more “authentic” now that they knew she was wise to their ruse.

“I just need to keep reminding myself I can’t do anything about it,” said the model, adding that “catfishing is inevitable.”

One upside to Benna’s otherwise tumultuous Tinder stint was that she was finally able to find a boyfriend before being booted.

“We both were into photography and modeling and saw an opportunity in the industry where we both are today,” said Benna, “And we work together on my Instagram and OnlyFans content. We’re pretty much a power couple.”

In a similar instance in February, a Los Angeles Instagram model was suspended from Tinder after potential matches thought she too hot to be real.

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