Melania Trump goes on the offensive against her ex-collaborator

Usually discreet, Melania Trump has published a text in which she strongly criticizes Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, her former friend and collaborator, who has written an explosive book on their relationship.

The wrath of a First Lady. Usually discreet, Melania Trump takes up the niche against her former collaborator Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of an explosive book on their friendship and how their relationship fell apart in the White House. Without once mentioning the name of her ex-collaborator, the wife of the American president criticized her in a text published on the White House website - for the second time in a week, after giving her experience of the Covid -19: “Someone who says they 'made' me when they barely knew me, someone who clung to me when my husband won the Presidency. This is a woman who secretly recorded our phone calls, broadcasting some out of context, then wrote a book of pure gossip to try and distort my image, ”she wrote, denouncing the writing of“ memories ”(using the quotation marks herself)“ without thinking about her own dishonest behavior in order to try to exist ”.

“This kind of person only cares about his personal agenda, not about helping others,” says Melania Trump. She regrets that the revelations of her former relative have been relayed more than the news of her Be Best program: "Information which could be useful to children is lost in the noise made by selfish adults". "Advancing your personal agenda by defaming my firm and the efforts of my team only takes away from our work to help children," she insisted.

A complaint from the Ministry of Justice

This text is not Melania Trump's first reaction to the author of “Melania and me”: the Department of Justice has filed a complaint against Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, claiming that she had violated a signed confidentiality agreement. She denounced "a flagrant abuse of the government to pursue the interests and personal goals" of the presidential couple, assuring to have only "to exercise [his] freedom of expression".

Earlier this month, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff unveiled, on CNN, the extract of a phone call between the two women. Not knowing that she was registered, Melania Trump complained about the media coverage of her: while the separation of families on the border with Mexico was at the heart of the news, she deplored the media questioning her on this subject. highly controversial. “They say I'm an accomplice. That I am the same as him, that I support him. I don't talk enough, I don't do enough ... While I'm breaking my ass for Christmas stuff, who cares about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to do it, don't I? [...] And after I do it, I say that I work for Christmas, that I prepare for Christmas and they say: "What about separated children?" Leave me the fuck alone. What did they say when Obama did it? I can't go, I tried to reunite the kid with his mother. I couldn't ... You have to go through the process and through the law. ” “They're not going to cover the story. We are talking about it. But they don't take turns. It is not to be believed. They are not going to cover the story because they are against us because they are progressive media ”, she continued, echoing the words of her husband on the“ fake news media ”which would be ganged against him.

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