Melania Trump skips her husband's meeting "out of precaution"

Suffering from a "persistent cough", Donald Trump's wife decided to skip a trip to Pennsylvania. It was to be his first appearance in over a year at a campaign rally alongside the Republican billionaire.

No Pennsylvania for Melania Trump. Initially of the trip, alongside Donald Trump, the First Lady of the United States finally canceled her trip. The fault with fits of "persistent cough".

Diagnosed positive for Covid-19 at the same time as her husband, on October 1, the "First Lady" announced in mid-October that she was now negative. His health continues to improve, but some after-effects seem to be struggling to disappear. "Ms. Trump continues to feel better every day after recovering from Covid-19, but, with a persistent cough, and as an excess of precaution, she will not travel today," said the White House in a statement. As a reminder, unlike Donald Trump who benefited from an experimental treatment, Melania Trump confined herself to more traditional and natural remedies. She had also claimed to have experienced "roller coasters" in terms of symptoms, successively experiencing fatigue, muscle pain and headaches.

No longer appeared on the scene of a meeting alongside her husband for over a year, the First Lady will therefore still have to wait. The presidential election, pitting the current resident of the White House against Democrat Joe Biden, will take place in less than two weeks now (November 3, 2020).

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