Donald Trump's Covid: Witches Plead Guilty

American witches, members of the Wicca movement, keep casting spells on the president. Donald Trump would he have been a victim?

Out of boast, political strategy or a sincere conviction of being invulnerable to the virus, Donald Trump applies barrier measures and wearing a mask with all the conviction and rigor of a 4-year-old. The surprise was not really there when it was learned that the American president was positive for Covid-19 and that the White House had become a cluster with no less than 14 confirmed cases.

But for others, the explanation of this epidemic could be found elsewhere and more precisely in the very active community of witches in the United States. Because, disturbing coincidence, the result of Donald Trump's test was announced on October 1, the date of the harvest moon, a day rich in symbols and rituals for the Wicca community, this movement which reconnects with pantheism and magic.

13,000 "witches of the resistance" regularly cast spells on conservative politicians

As soon as the presidential covid was announced, many followers of neo-witchcraft took to social networks to claim, in a humorous tone, this contamination ... If in this specific case, Donald Trump did everything not to need to 'a spell, it is hardly surprising that American witches are singled out.

Since the start of his mandate, with his policy hardly focused on ecology and feminism, two essential themes for this community, the president has bristled with the neo-paganists who are organizing themselves: a group of 13,000 "witches of the resistance. (Resistance Witches) regularly casts spells on conservative politicians and makes it known.

Pam Grossman lors d'une interview sur YouTube avec son livre "Waking the witch", Réveiller une sorcière.
Pam Grossman in an interview on YouTube with her book "Waking the witch", Awakening a witch.


On October 1 of last year, they had already joined forces to cast a spell on Trump. Or rather against his specific policy to Vice Pam Grossman, host of a hugely popular witchcraft podcast, The Witch Wave. She is keen to distinguish between curses, intended to harm a person, and spells, intended to prevent someone from doing harm. "If I had to imagine the most powerful spell to cast on Donald Trump, the source of so much destruction, discrimination and discord, it would be to give him the capacity to feel all the harm he causes," she said. should live with that. "

While waiting to develop this great spell, witches have other tricks up their sleeve. In particular, their voter card. Because the number of followers of Wicca spirituality, which was only a few thousand in 1990, now exceeds one million. Not insignificant in the event of a close ballot.

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