'Obamagate' and Trump accusations: No charge held after Flynn investigation

No charges should be brought against Barack Obama or his administration after the investigation into the espionage accusations made by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was crying out for political conspiracy ... but no charge should be withheld. According to the Washington Post, Magistrate John Bash, who had been entrusted with the investigation into how Michael Flynn's name had not been purged of US intelligence reports about calls made by foreign nationals, should not hold any charges against Barack Obama or his administration. They are accused by the US president of having, by doing so, cast shame on the one who was his national security adviser, forced to resign after admitting to lying about the extent of his links with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Last May, the US Department of Justice dropped the charges against Michael Flynn, who had twice pleaded guilty and offered his cooperation to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

John Bash was not the only prosecutor in charge of an investigation into the Obama administration, requested by the White House in a highly political and infrequent process. John Durham, Attorney General of Connecticut, was tasked last year with shedding light on the beginnings of what will eventually become the "Russian investigation" into suspected collusion between the campaign team. Donald Trump and Russia, accused by the American intelligence services of having destabilized the 2016 election. Again, it seems unlikely that this investigation will lead to any accusation, as admitted by the Minister of Justice Bill Barr: "Criminal prosecutions are only possible when we have enough evidence to prove every aspect of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt," he said last May. “Regarding President Obama and Vice President Biden, no matter how involved they are, from the information I have today, I don't expect Mr. Durham's [the prosecutor of Connecticut in charge of the investigation, Ed] leads a criminal investigation targeting them. Our concern about potential crimes is focused on others. ”

Three political inquiries opened by the ministry

This statement had provoked the anger of Donald Trump: "I have no doubt about their involvement", he had hammered, once again without putting forward the slightest proof of what he called "Obamagate" - and of which he still speaks in his meetings, especially in these last days of the electoral campaign. Just a few days ago, he complained about the delay in releasing the result of John Durham's investigation, speaking of "shame".

In November 2017, Donald Trump asked Jeff Sessions, William Barr's predecessor, to open an investigation to find out why the FBI had not prosecuted Hillary Clinton for corruption, citing his links between the Clinton Foundation and her record as an as Secretary of State. Last January, this investigation entrusted to Utah prosecutor John Huber also ended in failure for the president: no evidence was discovered against the Democrat, whom Donald Trump still calls for. 'incarceration.

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