ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith attacks his own ‘burner account’

Stephen A. Smith attacking his own burner account is the coronavirus distraction we all need right now.

The loquacious ESPN personality has a notorious “burner account” on Twitter with the handle @SASBurnerAcct that has over 347,000 followers. For a moment, it seemed that the real Stephen A. Smith was one of them.

On Wednesday, the burner account — which was created in October 2014 and posts funny video clips and memes of Smith — posted a screenshot that shows Smith’s official account following the burner with the caption, “OUR MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED!!!”

The follow seems suspect, especially on April 1 and in light of Smith’s parsimonious reciprocal follows. Despite having a flock of almost 5 million followers, Smith follows just eight other accounts: the SportsCenter account, his two shows’ accounts, his two “First Take” co-hosts, Molly Qerim Rose and Max Kellerman, the General Hospital account, one other ESPN writer, Tim Kurkjian, and author A.R. Bernard.

Smith, 52, quickly shot down the apparent April Fools’ Day gag and quote-tweeted the screenshot with the text, “You wish,” which the burner account retweeted. He also shared a screenshot of the quote-tweet on his Facebook account with the caption, “Yup.”

The burner account screenshot the very meta Facebook post and tweeted it with the caption, “He posted it on his Facebook too?!”

The entertaining saga ends with the burner account doing what it does best: ribbing Smith for overreacting to a joke.

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