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Margaret Cho says that Disney should cast transgender princes and princesses.

Actress Margaret Cho says she would like to see gay main characters 'everywhere' in Disney. She has even suggested that Disney cast transgender princes and queens.

The Times of India asked Cho if she thought "it was time for a Disney movie to have a lead character who is LGBTQ." Cho said, "Absolutely, yes!"

“I would love to see them everywhere,” the comedienne continued. “I would love to see trans characters, I would love to see different types of people in the roles of, like, Disney princess, Disney prince, Disney everything.”

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Cho added that having transgender characters is “a move towards the future,” as well as “a move towards who we are.”

“I think this would be really important, and it’s a move towards the future. It’s a move towards who we are. I think it’s really admirable and really exciting,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cho said, “I love a coming-of-age story, especially one that really puts an Asian-American woman at the center of it, you know? And this is a very important step in realizing diversity.”

“I play a queer character in the film who’s really somebody that [the kids] look up to, which I think is really amazing,” the actress added of Disney’s Prom Pact, in which she plays school counsellor Miss Chen — one of the first LGBT characters in a full-fledged Disney film.

Cho went on to say that she was inspired to play the role of Miss Chen by "looking to the aunties in my life and everybody who was there on the sidelines supporting me, especially the queer parts of my family."

She said, "I grew up in the gay community, so that was a real tribute to this character for me."

Prom Pact, which is rated TV-14, is the latest movie aimed at kids to include LGBTQAI2S+ propaganda.

In recent years, the Walt Disney Company hasn't been shy about putting messages about being gay or transgender in its material for kids. Here are 15 times Disney showed support for LGBTQAI2S+ people in kids' shows.

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