Black History Month and the Term ‘African-American’ Are Insulting : Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, a famous actor from Hollywood, has said in a new interview that he still doesn't like Black History Month or the word 'African-American.' He said that both of these things are insulting.

Freeman told London's The Sunday Times why he doesn't like either name.

“Two things I can say publicly that I do not like. Black History Month is an insult. You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” he reportedly said, before adding:

“Also ‘African-American’ is an insult. I don’t subscribe to that title. Black people have had different titles all the way back to the n-word and I do not know how these things get such a grip, but everyone uses ‘African-American’. What does it really mean?”

He added: “Most black people in this part of the world are mongrels. And you say Africa as if it’s a country when it’s a continent, like Europe.”

This isn’t the first time the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby star has spoken out against Black History Month. In a perennially-viral 2005 interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Freeman told correspondent Mike Wallace, “I don’t want a Black History Month.”

When asked by Wallace “how are we going to get rid of racism,” Freeman replied: “Stop talking about it.”

Ten years later, the actor said, "If we accept that... in fact, we are all bigots, that we are hardwired to be biased, then we can accept that, 'OK, that's going to be the first thing in our brains, but the second thing in our brains can be our cautious efforts at acceptance.'"

In 2021, Freeman said he didn't like the "Defund the Police" trend on the left and that he thought most police officers were doing a good job.

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