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'Shameless' people sneak their kids in strollers to get into Disney without paying the higher fees

The Happiest Place on Earth is getting more expensive, so some parents are coming up with creative ways to save money.

A TikTok of a woman who dressed her elementary school-aged child up as a baby to get into Disney World for free has sparked a debate about whether she did the right or wrong thing.

The video shows a group of people with a stroller made for babies waiting in line to buy park tickets.

A Disney employee smiles and looks into the stroller, but she doesn't say anything about the older child rolling past her, whose legs are covered with a blanket.

Once the group is past the worker, the woman lifts the Cinderella-dressed little girl out of the stroller and throws the blankets back over the seat.

"When Disney ticket prices go up," the caption says. "Poor kid was in an infant car seat," the TikToker added.

Disney World TikTok
The video starts with a school-age child in a stroller.
TikTok / myfrienditsmebarbie
Once past the Disney worker, the woman picked the girl out of the stroller.
Once past the Disney worker, the woman picked the girl out of the stroller.
TikTok / myfrienditsmebarbie

“We [paid] for our tickets and witnessed the funniest thing we had ever seen & so we decided to share it so you can laugh too,” a woman who apparently was with the original poster commented on the TikTok.

Depending on the day and time of the visit, it costs between $109 and $159 per day to get into a Disney World park. Everyone over the age of 3 who wants to visit must buy a ticket.

Since it was posted on Monday, the video has been watched more than 7 million times, and people have different opinions about what they see.

“My son is 4 but at Disneyland he knows he’s 2,” another wrote, admitting to employing the same strategy.

“My parents [used] to make me do this,” another agreed.

“I fully support this because we went in May and it was literally like taking a second mortgage out on our house,” one empathized.

“We just teach our kids to lie about their age but this is epic,” one user laughed.

“I once did that [with] 3 kids lol. I told them if they stay quiet I’ll buy them all Disney dresses lol,” another shared.

However, not everyone was impressed.

“The way people have no shame just continues to amaze me,” one person shaded the people in the video.

“No way. I even explain to my kids it’s wrong to get fountain drinks with a water cup. It’s the principle of it,” another stated.

The little girl was dressed like a princess for her big day at the park.
The little girl was dressed like a princess for her big day at the park.
TikTok / myfrienditsmebarbie

“I would understand if they had like 4 kids but they only had 1 but shooo they probably had to use her ticket money to pay for the gas to get there,” another person commented.

Some former Disney World workers even chimed in to share how they used to handle this situation.

“Worked the front gates, trust me we know,” one person wrote. “We are told to just let it go.”

“I worked the entrance in the past and let me just tell y’all, they didn’t pay [me] enough to care THAT much. I see a stroller, kid says ‘2,’ have a nice day,” another agreed.

“I used to work at Disney and I had to ask guests if their child is under 3. I ain’t even mad at this LMAO,” another laughed.

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