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A criminal charge has been brought against Muhammad Khan, the man who rushed Queen Elizabeth's coffin

The man who allegedly ran towards Queen Elizabeth II's coffin while she was lying in state at Westminster Hall on Friday night was charged with causing a disturbance.

Metropolitan Police said Saturday that 28-year-old London resident Muhammad Khan was charged with acting in a way that was meant to scare, bother, or upset people.

Officials said Khan was going to answer the charge in court on Monday.

The man who charged the Queen's coffin was charged with criminal disruptions.
In a matter of seconds, Khan went from rushing the coffin to being carried out of the Hall.

He jumped out of line and climbed up the steps to the catafalque before touching the dead monarch's coffin. This was caught on live TV.

Screenshots from the broadcast showed that security guards grabbed Khan and held him down.

Dozens of people who had stood in line for about 12 hours to pay their respects were visibly shaken and shocked by the stunt.

Elizabeth was supposed to keep lying in state on Sunday, and then her funeral would be at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

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