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A 11-foot alligator was spotted walking around in a Houston suburb

Even an alligator has to walk around.

On Tuesday morning, a huge alligator was seen slowly walking through the grass next to a road in Katy, Texas. Katy is a city just west of Houston.

Texas Parks and Wildlife caught the 11-foot, 400-pound reptile around 11:30 a.m., said Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable Chad Norvell to the Houston Chronicle.

Rescuers lift the alligator into the truck.
An 11-foot, 400-pound was seen walking the streets in Texas.
Michael Schwab via Storyful
The alligator is lifted into the truck.
The reptile was strolling in the neighborhood for about six hours before it was captured.
Michael Schwab via Storyful
The alligator sits in the truck bed.
The animal was taken to a sanctuary in El Campo.
Michael Schwab via Storyful

"What a lovely day for a walk!" Norvell posted about the gator on Facebook and included a video of it walking down Peek Road near the Buffalo Bayou.

The alligator had been walking around the neighborhood since at least 5 a.m., according to the neighbors.

Norvell said that rescuers found the alligator lying down after his walk and it was easy to catch him. They used a tow truck and ropes to put the lizard in the back of a pickup truck.

Officers stand near the alligator.
Rescuers put the reptile in the back of a pickup truck by using a tow truck and ropes.
Michael Schwab via Storyful

The animal was taken to a sanctuary in El Campo, but not before people in the area had some fun on social media.

"According to his chip, he's Fulshear Police! Where would you like him to be dropped off?" In a second Facebook post, Norvell tagged the police department southeast of Katy.

"That little naughty boy! What have you been doing? Bad boy! Please put him in the back of our high water rescue truck, thank you." Fulshear Police said something in reply.

Norvell's team posted a picture of one of their own holding the alligator with what looked like a leash on Twitter.

"Deputy Onda, we talked to your wife. "You can't keep it!" she told me. The department made a joke.


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