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On LA's Skid Row, Mikaela Testa was made fun of for her tone-deaf TikTok

People made fun of an Australian influencer who said she wouldn't get out of her car because she was crying.

Mikaela Testa has been traveling the world since she broke up with her boyfriend of three years, Atis Paul. She has been posting online about her trips to Europe and the United States.

The 22-year-old recently filmed a "day in the life" video with a friend in Los Angeles, California.

The two people rented a Tesla and spent $130 on salads before driving to the famous Cecil Hotel. The Cecil Hotel is a complex of low-cost apartments that is home to 10,000 people.

The building is on Skid Row, which is known for being poor and full of homeless people. It is also known as the most haunted building in the city.

Testa said she was "obsessed" with the Cecil Hotel, which was the subject of a Netflix documentary, but when she was driving there, she started crying.

Australian bills
The influencer quickly shifted from her topic of Skid Row to comparing Australian money to American money.

“Driving through these streets was very heartbreaking, I could not stop crying,” Ms Testa said.

“I couldn’t even make it through, I was not going to get out of the car so I missed out.”

Immediately after, she asked which money was better – “washable Australian money or the American money with blood stains on it”.

Also in the clip, she gave kids selling lemonade $20 for two cups.

But, the young influencer’s actions have been mocked online by other social media users.

“The homelessness makes me cry…..which money is prettier,” one person commented on the clip.

Another said: “Did you just drive through Skid Row with a Tesla?”

A third added: “LMFAOOOO she can’t be serious.”

Mikaela Testa
Mikaela Testa was in Los Angeles on vacation.

One person even made their own video response, in which they asked if Ms. Testa would have left the car if she hadn't been crying.

The TikTok user said, "Be real though, if you weren't crying, were you going to get out of your car?"

"Did you plan to get out of your Tesla on Skid Row? Would you even roll down your window in Skid Row?"

In the comments section, the person who made the post said, "I'm not saying she's a bad person at all. I don't think this was the right thing to do. I'm one person.

"I'm making a joke, but that video from someone I respect was sad to see."

But other people spoke up for Ms. Testa.

Person handing money to another
The TikTok influencer enraged social media users with her video.

“Welcome to LA. There’s good and bad and it can happen to anyone,” one person said.

Another person praised Testa for going to the "most dangerous block in America," which is where she makes her money from.

A third said, "People don't know what LA or Hollywood are, like how sad and crazy it is that there are so many homeless people." The cost of living in California is very high."

"As a Californian, I want to thank you for showing the real side of LA... It's not all sparkle and shine. It makes me sad that there are people without homes."

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