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A giant croc drags the body of a dead man through a Mexican lagoon

A scary video shows a huge crocodile carrying the body of a dead man through a lagoon in Mexico.

Journalist Porfirio Ibarra posted a video of the scene on Thursday. In it, a few horrified bystanders can be seen filming the event on the otherwise calm waters of Laguna del Carpintero in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

One person keeps saying, "Oh f—k" in Spanish as the giant crocodile slowly swims by with the half-naked body that is already missing the lower left arm and foot.

The crocodile has its mouth around the unidentified man's right shoulder and the side of his head. The man is slowly being carried face-down.

The animal looks to be at least three times as big as what it eats, so it could be as long as 18 feet.

“Presumably the man entered the lagoon to swim and was attacked by the animal,” wrote Ibarra, a local magazine editor who is also a stringer for the Associated Press.

Another journalist who shared the clip, Jorge Becerril, said officials later pulled what remained of the man’s body out of the water and “protected” the croc.

“In that lagoon, it is expressly forbidden to go swimming,” he wrote.

Canal 13 Chiapas shared photos of his body being carried away and the croc out of the water with its jaws bound shut.

Crocodile attack in Mexico.
The unidentified victim appeared to have been swimming in the lagoon despite warnings that it is banned, local journalists said.

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