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Video: At the wedding, the groom told everyone about the affair between the bride and her brother-in-law

The internet is in shock after seeing video of a groom who played an X-rated video of his bride in bed with another man on their wedding day.

At the reception for a couple who just got married in China, a projector shows a steamy bedroom scene with the bride and her new husband's brother-in-law. The guests look horrified.

The embarrassed woman then throws her bouquet at her husband as he yells, "Did you think I didn't know about this?"

The video first went viral in 2019, but it was recently posted again on TikTok. Since then, it has gotten almost six million views and thousands of angry comments.

Cheating bride video
The video is from 2019 but recently went viral on TikTok.

“Cheating bride,” the video is captioned.

On top of the video is written: "The groom showed everyone a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-husband." law's

But people on social media have different thoughts about how the groom took revenge.

Most people agreed with the man and said that the bride "got what she deserved."

“Best revenge – in front of all their family and friends,” one user commented.

“Honesty, I am this petty and would 1000 percent do this,” another said.

“Man stood there knowing the calamity he’s about to cause,” someone else wrote.

Many on the internet supported the groom, while others were confused by his actions.

Others however were confused why the man went through with the wedding.

“Isn’t this at the party so doesn’t that mean they already said I do?” one person said.

“Why’d he go through with the wedding?” another asked.

“So why did he waste all that money on the wedding?” one man wrote.

Many tried to explain the move, stating it’s very hard to get deposits back from wedding venues once booked.

Chinese bride affair
It was claimed that the bride had been the victim of domestic violence from the groom before beginning her affair.

“Maybe he found out too late and the wedding needed to be paid for regardless whether they broke it off,” one reasoned.

“Satisfaction people. Embarrassing her in front of everyone was probably worth it for him,” another stated.

Meanwhile, others turned their attention to the bride, labeling her move to throw her flowers at the groom “wild”.

“And SHE’S the one that gets mad at the end?” one person wrote.

“Not her throwing the flowers at him, the audacity,” another said.

Asia One said at the time that the couple had been together for two years and were engaged for six months before their wedding.

It was also said that the groom had "abused" the bride at home and that she had gone to his sister's husband for comfort.

But over time, they started having an affair, and when the groom found out, he decided to "humiliate" her.

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