Fans are furious that the teen lesbian vampire series First Kill was cancelled after only one season

Netflix has so many problems, like subscribers leaving, angry transgender people, and knife-wielding competitors, that a boycott by fans of a teen lesbian vampire show seems like a tiny annoyance.

But their anger was loud enough on Wednesday that #CancelNetflix became a trending topic on Twitter after Netflix killed off First Kill after only one season. The sapphic drama series, which started in June, was neither well-liked nor well-reviewed, but when it was canceled too soon, loyal fans were angry.
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Some fans of the show have said that Netflix is "lesbophobic" and racist because some of the characters in First Kill were gay women of color. One fan asked, "Why do you hate lesbians so much?"

Deadline reported that Netflix canceled First Kill after the series failed meet the thresholds for viewing and completion of episodes needed to renew the series for a second season. But that reasoning didn’t appear to convince the show’s fans.

First Kill su Netflix: trama, trailer e cast della serie

Many First Kill fans took special delight in seeing so many people cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

Last month, Netflix said that it lost close to 1 million subscribers in the second quarter. This is the most customers the company has ever lost in a single quarter. Because subscribers are leaving, the streamer has had to cut costs and let go of hundreds of workers.

So far this year, shares of Netflix are down more than 60%.

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