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Keanu Reeves surprises fans at Comic-Con with new footage from 'John Wick 4'

At this year's Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday, fans of the hit 'John Wick' movie series got more than they expected.

This weekend is the annual comic book convention, and Sunday will be the last day.

And on Friday, Keanu Reeves surprised the crowd who had been there all week.

They might have thought that the well-known actor was just stopping by, but the hero of "John Wick" came with a treat for fans of the movie.

Reeves joined director Chad Stahelski's panel to share a new clip from the upcoming fourth part of the film, which surprised the crowd.

In the minute-long clip, Reeves's character fights his enemies. In the beginning, he punches a roped pole.

A voiceover then asks him, “Have you given any thought to where this ends? No one, not even you, can kill everyone.”

Reeves’ character then can be seen in action-packed shots filmed in five countries, including Japan, Jordan, Germany, France, and of course, the US.

Reeves surprised "John Wick" fans with brand new footage from the upcoming installment.
Reeves surprised “John Wick” fans with brand new footage from the upcoming installment.
Getty Images
Reeves joined director Chad Stahelski's panel at Comic-Con.
Reeves joined director Chad Stahelski’s panel at Comic-Con.
Getty Images

“Sorry to crash the party, they threw me out here,” Reeves told Comic-Con fans.

The teaser also showed Bill Skarsgard, Donnie Yen, and Laurence Fishburne, who are all very well-known actors who are also in the movie.

The world of the movie is also growing outside of the theater. "The Continental," a miniseries that is a prequel, is coming to Starz. Mel Gibson was chosen to play the lead role of Cormac.

"John Wick" became a huge action franchise for Lionsgate, not just in its global franchise box office, which is $584.2 million, but also because it has three movies.

The movie "John Wick 4" is set to come out on March 24, 2023.

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