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Heather Kovar, an Albany TV anchor, was fired after she slurred while on air

Heather Kovar, an Albany TV news anchor, shocked viewers over the weekend when she slurred her words and looked messy during an evening broadcast. The station told The Post on Sunday that she has been suspended from her job.

During her Saturday segments, the CBS 6 anchor was tense, wide-eyed, and sometimes couldn't make herself clear.

At one point, Kovar was trying to move from one segment to the next. He said, "So, moving on tonight, we also have to tell you about other news in the area, across the area, and in the country."

She also started to stumble over her words as she talked about an explosion at a natural gas plant in Oklahoma.

During the report, she quickly changed the subject and said, "Well, hello! How are you?

“Like, I was telling you this morning, if you watched us this morning starting at 6 a.m., 7 a.m., I told you, you know what? Today, what a beautiful day outside! It is just amazing. And so, a great time for outdoor music.”

She was also having trouble with the technology during the segment, as she was seen holding a wire at one point. She was finally cut off in the middle of a sentence.

The Post couldn't reach the news anchor on Sunday.

The station said that she was put on hold while they did more research.

Heather Kovar
Kovar recently returned from leave, during which she was tending to her father before his passing.Heather Kovar/Twitter

Kovar said on Twitter on Saturday that she would be back on the air on Sunday morning, but she did not show up and was replaced by Emma Quinn, who did not respond to a request for comment.

Sinclair Broadcasting Company owns CBS 6, which is also known as WRGB. Since July 2016, Kovar has been a host for the network.

Some local viewers said online that they were worried about the newscaster.

“I hope heather ok…she looks a wreck and she is slurring,” someone wrote on Twitter.

Posters worried she might have been having a medical issue.

According to the Times Union of Albany, Kovar just got back from a leave, during which she took care of her dying father. In a Facebook post from May, she said, "The station has been kind enough to let me take some time off to be with my family in Texas." She said on social media that he died that month.


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