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A singer, 21, was 'shot dead' in the middle of a restaurant by her controlling husband, 79, after she tried to get a divorce from him

A Mexican singer was shot and killed by her old husband in a restaurant, even though she had been trying to get a divorce from him for months.

Jesus Hernandez, 79, shot and killed Yrma Lydya, 21, in a private room at a Japanese restaurant in Mexico City, police say.

Lydya, a folk artist, was killed last Thursday while she was eating at the restaurant in the Benito Juarez neighborhood.

In the private room, the two got into a fight, and Hernandez allegedly shot his young wife three times in the chest.

It is also said that he and his bodyguard, Benjamin Hernandez, tried to get away in a luxury car but were caught by the police.

Reports say that Hernandez then tried to pay the police to let him go.

After Lydya talked to a law firm in April about getting a divorce, the horrible murder happened.

Yrma Lydya sitting at a piano.
Yrma Lydya, 21, was shot three times while she dined at a restaurant in Mexico city.

The Mexican newspaper Excelsior says that she showed pictures of her bruised face from a number of incidents of domestic violence as proof.

Lydya had also filed a police report in December, saying that her husband had hit her and threatened to shoot her.

Lawyer Jesus Hernandez Alcocer
Lawyer Jesus Hernandez, 79, is accused of killing his young wife.

Mexico City security chief Omar Garcia Harfuch said Hernandez had met with two people at the restaurant at 2pm last Thursday, before leaving at around 6pm, reports Milenio news network.

Yrma Lydya Gamboa
The folk artist was due to perform in California on Saturday.

Later, Lydya showed up at the restaurant, and it's said that gunshots rang out after she and her husband got into a fight.

A witness told the news show Primer Impacto that a police officer who was at the restaurant ran into the private room and held Hernandez down.

Harfuch said that the singer had died because she had been shot three times in the chest during the fight.

Hernandez and his bodyguard went to court on Sunday. They are now being held in a Mexico City prison while police continue to look into what happened.

The lawyer said he wasn't guilty and insisted he didn't kill Lydya, who was supposed to perform at a concert in California on Saturday.

Hernandez is due back in court on Thursday. He had asked to stay at home because of his age, but the judge said no.

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