I am an 83-year-old father. My wife, who is 35, and I just had a son, but I know I won't get to see him grow up

At 83 years old, a doctor just had a baby boy. He says he lives every day knowing he won't get to see his son grow up.

Alberto Cormillot, an expert on nutrition, says that he is doing everything he can to give the child as many memories as possible.

After fertility treatment, his 35-year-old wife Estefania Pasquini got pregnant with the baby.

Even though Dr. Cormillot is an old man, he says he is actively raising his son, Emilio.

He said, "I know that life doesn't go on forever. I'm going to hang out with that little guy until a certain time.

"Until that happens, I plan to enjoy every day to the fullest and make shorter-term plans, which means I will enjoy every day to the fullest."

He tries to make their time together as fun as he can so that his son will have good memories of him for the rest of his life.

Dr. Cormillot is always leaving audio messages for his son to find in the future. He does this because he is always thinking about the future.

He said, "That means that even though he is still a baby, he has a phone number with WhatsApp that I use to send him videos and record voice messages for him."

He does what he can to give the tot as many memories as possible
The 83-year-old does what he can to give the tot as many memories as possible.

“I don’t over-dramatize things, I just record the reality of life.”

He already has three granddaughters and two grown sons. Renee and Adrian are both adults. Monika Arborgast, his first wife, died in 2017.

In 2012, Dr. Cormillot, who lives in Argentina, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgery was able to remove all of the tumor.

Alberto Cormillot with Estefania Pasquini
the mother, and son Emilio,  9-month-old who has a a private teacher who teaches him Chinese.
Alberto Cormillot with Estefania Pasquini the mother, and son Emilio, 9-month-old who has a private teacher who teaches him Chinese.

The couple has said that they hired a private Chinese tutor for their nine-month-old son.

As soon as they knew the baby was coming, they started making plans for the child's future.

Dr. Cormillot said he wanted his son to learn Chinese because it was the "language of the future."

He is also teaching the new baby how to play the organ, and he posted a video of himself at the keyboard with the child.

He also said that he was always thinking about how he could help his son be ready for the future while he was still alive.

“I’m encouraging him to crawl for example.”

 Cormillot with son Emilio
Cormillot with son Emilio.

He told the boy that he liked to teach him songs that he used to sing when he was young. He was always thinking of ways to make the most of their time together.

He said this about the boy's Chinese teacher: "Emilio has someone who talks, sings, and plays for him in Chinese twice a week.

"Because it's the language of the future, I want him to get used to hearing it when he's young. That way, it will be easier for him to learn it when he's older."

He said that the female tutor comes to the house and speaks Chinese with him so that he can get used to how the language sounds.

He also said, "I don't know if he'll speak Chinese again, but at least this way we can use it."

Dr. Cormillot has written more than 50 books, most of which are about health education. He has also written more than 100 scientific papers that he has presented at international conferences and in international journals.


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