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Ozzy Osbourne was sent home from the hospital the day after his difficult surgery

Mama, he’s coming home!

Ozzy Osbourne was taken out of a Los Angeles hospital on a wheel chair on Tuesday. The day before, he had a hard surgery to remove and realign pins in his neck and back.

Osbourne, who is 73 years old, got up on his own and got into a black Range Rover with the help of a hospital worker. Page Six has exclusive video of this.

The former lead singer of Black Sabbath left with his wife, Sharon Osbourne. He wore a black T-shirt, black jeans, and a blue mask.

Ozzy has been in pain since 2003, when he hurt his neck while quad biking. A fall in 2019 made the condition worse, and 15 screws had to be put into his back to fix it.

The metal star told Classic Rock magazine last month, "I'm just waiting for more surgery on my neck." He didn't say what kind of surgery it was.

Ozzy is aided by a healthcare worker leaving the hospital.
Sharon Osbourne helps Ozzy into his car after his surgery.

The Osbourne family was worried about Monday's "life-changing" operation. Sharon told a TV interviewer, "It's really going to decide the rest of his life."

On Tuesday, Sharon told people who follow her on social media that the Prince of Darkness was "doing well and on the road to recovery."

"Our family would like to say thank you so much for all the love and support in the weeks leading up to Ozzy's surgery," she wrote on Twitter.

“Your love means the world to him.”

Ozzy leaves the hospital following his surgery.
Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne arrive at the hospital where Ozzy had his spine surgery on Monday morning.

A source close to the family told Page Six that the singer of "No More Tears," who also has Parkinson's disease, would need to recover for a long time after the surgery. A nurse would be brought in to care for her.

"Ozzy is 73, and any kind of surgery is hard to do when you're older," said the source.

On July 4, Ozzy and Sharon will celebrate 40 years of being married.


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