Elon Musk claims that Americans are extremely lazy when compared to Chinese people

'In America, people attempt to avoid working at any costs.'

Baby, let it go!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, looks to be a fan of a totalitarian communist society.

We're not talking about California here.

Musk said that the Chinese workforce is harder working than Americans in a wide-ranging appearance at the Financial Times' Future of the Car summit yesterday — a complicated admission, because while China is home to some of Tesla's most significant electric vehicle competitors, it's also a huge market for both building and selling Teslas.

During his speech at the automobiles conference, he remarked, "I believe there will be some very great firms coming out of China." "In China, there are just a lot of supertalented, hardworking people who are passionate about production."

"They won't just be burning the midnight oil," Musk continued, "they won't even leave the factory type of thing," whereas in America, people are attempting to avoid going to work at all."

Culture Wars at Work

Musk is no stranger to obsession with an exaggerated work ethic.

Employees have previously branded Tesla's office culture as "toxic," with them being required to perform significantly more jobs than the average American worker.

In 2020, a former Tesla manager who claimed to have worked directly with Musk told Business Insider, "The hardest thing is the toxicity that Elon produces - ridiculous stretch targets without a viable method to reach them." "It's a culture where if you don't have a solution to an issue and can't fix it in a few days, a week, or two, you're out."

Musk has also been known to visit Tesla factories and fire staff for minor infractions. Surprisingly, that ironclad rule typically translates into a strong sense of shared mission at SpaceX, but it appears to make a lot of Tesla employees unhappy.

"The hardest aspect [about working at Tesla] was having a constant sensation that your company does not care about you at all, that you simply do not matter," a former Tesla salesperson told Business Insider.

Though he may be progressive in other ways, Musk appears to be solidly in Steve Jobs' camp when it comes to scaring staff into brilliance.


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