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Elon Musk says that Tesla wants to start selling self-driving cars by the end of the year

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said Monday that the company hopes to have its self-driving technology ready and widely available by the end of 2022.

Musk said this at an energy conference in Norway. He said that the cars will not need people to drive them. The company wants to sell a lot of these cars in the US and Europe, but this will depend on when regulators give their approval.

The Full Self-Driving package, or FSD, for Tesla cars costs an extra $15,000. The company says that the package lets the car stop at stop signs, park itself, respond to traffic while in cruise control, and steer itself on both freeways and city streets.

With the updated version, cars would be able to drive themselves without a person inside.

Musk has said before that self-driving cars will be safer than cars driven by people.

Musk has said that owners of fully self-driving Teslas might use them as a ride-hailing service while they are at work. This would give them extra money but also make cities more crowded.

“A lot of cars are in parking lots, so we’re spending money, not just driving the cars but storing them all over the place. We can get rid of a lot of parking lots if you have a car that is operating all the time,” Musk said earlier this year.

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Musk has previously stated that autonomous vehicles will be safer than cars with human drivers.

Musk says that traffic will be "insane" when more cars are self-driving and electric, which would help one of his other companies a lot.

“So, you know, we like this little tiny baby company, The Boring Company, which I initially started as a joke, but now I think it actually could be quite essential to alleviating the insane traffic that will happen when cars are autonomous because you reduce the pain of travel and you reduce the cost of travel so dramatically that there will be a crazy number of cars on the road,” he said.

Musk’s Boring Company drills tunnels beneath cities that operate exclusively with Tesla vehicles.


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