Five promises that Biden made to Xi Jinping in secret

This is what Joe Biden did recently when he talked to Xi Jinping. Then the Chinese Communist Party came out on top.

If you thought the United States of America was strong and had a lot of money, you're wrong. China now has the world's most powerful country and a lot of money. He is the only person who has caused this fall from grace.

There are five things that Joe Biden has agreed to do with Xi Jinping now. These are how they work:

Oh, by the way, the White House didn't mention any of these things in its report of the call between the two leaders. China humiliated the United States by telling the world about Biden's surrender.

The U.S. doesn't want a Cold War with China.

A Cold War with China would have led to the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party regime or the breakup of China. This is how the Cold War came to an end. Without the CCP, wouldn't the world be better? Would.

But by taking the threat of a Cold War out of the picture, Joe Biden has been mollycoddling the CCP. He doesn't have to be afraid of the United States for at least the next two years.

The U.S. says that it will respect the CCP regime and not try to topple it.

The fact that the U.S. did not start a Cold War with China was just a start. Here's the main point.

He told Jinping that the U.S. was not trying to change China's regime and that it was happy with how it worked.

A brutal regime in China that doesn't respect the rights of its citizens is making the U.S. do what it wants. Now, the CCP can arm twist its own people and other countries in the Indo-Pacific because it has the support of the Biden administration.

Alliances don't work against China, they work with it.

Donald Trump made sure that the Quad, which includes India, Japan, and Australia, would be set up so that they could contain and fight against China in both military and strategic ways. Joe Biden has broken the Quad's main goal. People in Australia will be getting new nuclear submarines as part of the AUKUS group.

But again, Joe Biden told Xi Jinping that "the revitalization of its alliances is not aimed at China" in clear terms.

Biden leaves Taiwan

He told Jinping that the U.S. "does not support" Taiwan independence in the phone call.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Joe Biden said that the U.S. is willing to have open talks and work more closely with China if the U.S. stays true to its one-China policy and manages competition and disagreements well to keep the relationship growing. Xi Jinping told Joe Biden that if he mishandles the Taiwan issue, it will have a bad effect on the two countries' relationship. This is true.

After the warning, Joe Biden was scared and quickly left Taiwan. The U.S. will not help Taiwan's military if China invades it, at least until Joe Biden is in the White House.

The U.S. has no plans to get into a fight with China

This is really a follow-up to the promise Biden made to Jinping. Were there any other place that could start a war between China and the United States? Only Taiwan could. The U.S. has told China that it will not help Taiwan fight back against a Chinese invasion, but Joe Biden made it clear to Beijing that he doesn't want to fight the Communist country.

Richard Nixon 2.0: Joe Biden is Richard Nixon's son. Nixon built up ties with China, while Biden is making America a proxy state for the CCP.

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