A top Chinese scientist involved in the Hypersonic research has fled China with top secrets

A scientist successfully enters the United States with China's top secrets.

The US officials were left stunned when a Financial Times report revealed that Beijing had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August last year. The test proved that China now possesses the capability of striking any spot on Earth in record speed, and without informing the victim of any such impending assault. This audacious description of the hypersonic program astounded the United States, whose own hypersonic program lags well behind China's.

A top Chinese scientist was sent to the United States with critical data flaws

The defection of a prominent Chinese scientist to the West, on the other hand, has turned out to be a gift in disguise for America. A report published by Daily Express revealed that a senior rocket technician, connected to the state-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China, recently defected to the US with the help of the UK’s top intelligence agency.

He was actively involved in China's advanced hypersonic missile program, where he assisted in the development of a mid-range hypersonic boost-glide vehicle capable of delivering DF-17 missiles up to 2,000 miles.

Making matters worse for China, the defecting scientist was involved in the development of a hypersonic missile delivery system, which China showed for the first time last August.

Sources were quoted by Daily Express as saying that the Chinese technician was able to smuggle out crucial technical data related to China’s hypersonic program, along with the intelligence that he carried in his head.

What compelled the Scientist to betray the CCP?

Let us now go on to the most intriguing section of the story. How did the senior technician safely escape the communist hellhole, and what motivated him to do so? The technician, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving in exchange for his efforts.

He had been passed over for advancement. His subordinates were promoted and rewarded at the cost of his efforts. As a result, the scientist opted to deliver the greatest shock to the CCP and its hypersonic program in history.

How did the Scientist get out of China?

He gathered vital information and spoke with a British intelligence asset in Hong Kong at the end of September last year. He claimed to have critical knowledge on China's hypersonic glide vehicle. He also requested refuge for himself, his wife, and their child.

MI6, the UK's top-secret intelligence service, quickly sent a three-person team to Hong Kong, and the CIA was also made aware of the operation. The Scientist and his family were to go to Hong Kong by a specifically created route, according to the plan. The family eventually met the MI6 team in Hong Kong, where they were transferred to a US military installation in Germany and then into the US through the UK.

Every care was taken. MI6 suspected the Scientist was a Beijing plant. Over the following several days, a cat-and-mouse game ensued in which the scientist's credentials were "copper-bottomed." When the MI6 was satisfied with the defecting scientist's allegations, he started leaking classified material concerning China's top-secret hypersonic program.

How his defection was pursued by intelligence sources

Last Friday, an intelligence source said of the defection, "He was highly cooperative." This is an erudite guy; a man who enjoys cricket but prefers Jack Daniels to beer, a man who had a crucial part in the development of hypersonic weapons in China, and a man who was dissatisfied with the way he was treated."

Is it a game changer or a damp squib?

Now for the most crucial question. How can this defection assist the United States, or any other nation, thwart China's top-secret, high-tech hypersonic program? According to sources cited by the Daily Express, this might diminish China's supremacy in the hypersonic industry for at least the next two years. It may take China two years to make the scientist's intellect utterly worthless.

According to intelligence sources, this defection may prove to be the most significant turning point in the continuing hypersonic race between the United States and China. "It will probably buy us two years," one person involved in the operation revealed. We predict that it will take China two years to make significant improvements to its program that will render this intelligence ineffectual. Two years is a very long period in our field."

Make no mistake about it: unlike ordinary ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles are maneuverable, making them more difficult to detect and defend against. What is more concerning is that if China launches a hypersonic nuclear missile against the US, it will be unable to defend itself due to its doubtful capacity to identify and destroy a flying hypersonic weapon.

As a result, the defection of a prominent Chinese scientist to the United States is a game changer. For the Communist Party, this is a double whammy. Not only has the CCP lost one of its top hypersonic experts to the United States, but this incident will also inspire additional Chinese scientists to defect.

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