Biden's ‘Cancer Initiative' closed after paying salaries but not doing any research

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden praised his prior support for the Biden Cancer Initiative as he launched a 'Moonshot' on cancer research — but he omitted the organization's scandal-plagued background, which surfaced during the 2020 campaign.

As the New York Post reported in 2020, the organization — which Biden opened after leaving office in 2017, but closed just two yeas later — spent no money on cancer research, but spent millions of dollars of donors’ money on staff salaries.

The Washington Free Beacon had reported earlier in 2020 that the Biden Cancer Initiative spent 65 percent of its total budget of nearly $5 million on staff compensation between 2017 and 2018. It spent nothing whatsoever on cancer research.

Moreover, as Breitbart News noted, prior to meeting with billionaire Tony Bobulinski about a potential joint venture in 2017, Biden spoke at a conference in support of the Biden Cancer Initiative.

Biden's son Hunter Biden's laptop had evidence that Bobulinski had held a meeting with the former Vice President, who requested a 10% stake in the business that would have been named Sinohawk.

After losing Beau to brain cancer in the spring of 2015, Vice President Joe Biden is determined to find a cure for the illness.

Dr. Biden's "Moonshot" project aims to break down the "silos" between various research organizations by blaming them for supposedly refusing to share their information regarding cancer therapy options.

He further said that despite regulatory safeguards and other measures that made the sharing of patients' personal information more difficult, all cancer patients desired to disclose their private medical data.

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