Every country that has a negative opinion of China is being inundated with money from Chinese investors

For Chinese investors, the Chinese economy has turned into a calamity. You could lose your money if you invest in a real estate company that goes bankrupt. Xi Jinping may put an end to your tech venture if you put money into it.

In the event of a COVID epidemic, your investments in manufacturing powerhouses could lead to industrial shutdowns. In any event, your money will be lost.

Add to that a Maoist Xi Jinping who appears intent on assassinating firms and redistributing private wealth as state property. As a result, Chinese investors are fleeing and making rash investments in all of China's adversaries, including India.

Investors from China are making their way to India

In fact, Chinese investors are in such a bind that they are seriously considering putting their money in India as a safety deposit box. A country with which China has fought twice and is currently embroiled in a border conflict that has now lasted for more than two years.

Investments from China in the Indian startup ecosystem grew significantly in 2021. Compared to the $3.95 billion invested in the previous year, venture capital, private equity, accelerators, and incubators collectively invested $14.13 billion by 2021.

When it comes to investors and venture capitalists in China, the shift to India is inevitable. Due to Beijing's unfriendly policies, even billionaires like Jack Ma and other well-known figures aren't allowed to conduct business without fear from Xi Jinping.

These investors fear that their money would be lost if they invest in local tech businesses, but they can hide their money from Jinping and still make a profit by investing in India's financial sector.

Foreign real estate continues to be a popular target for Chinese investors

Investors from China are looking to invest in startups and new enterprises in India. This is due to India's status as a global IT services leader.

Chinese investors, on the other hand, are keen to invest in overseas property. Singapore, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are among the countries in which they have invested.

When Chinese investors bought so much Singapore real estate, the price of property in the island city-state skyrocketed. In the past year, Singaporean permanent residents' purchases of condominiums increased by 55.3%, while international buyers' purchases increased by 45.3%. The overwhelming majority of these unnatural inflows came from China, and matters got so bad that the Singaporean government was forced to ban Chinese investors.

Investors from China utilize crypto to transfer funds to Japan

Avoiding Jinping's scrutiny is also high on the priority list for several of these investors. So, they've found creative ways to get rid of their cash. As a result, for many Chinese citizens, cryptocurrency is a lifesaver. Coins are being sent from the United States to Japan, which are then converted into Yen and deposited in Japan's real estate market.

Getting their money out of China is a top priority for Chinese investors. As the country's economy continues to decline, people are aware that the CCP, lead by Xi Jinping, is keeping an eye on their money. As a result, they will do whatever it takes to get their money out of the United States.

The wealthiest in China have a long history of eroding their sense of patriotism. To protect their money from the CCP, they are willing to invest in countries like India, Japan, and Australia if that is the only way to do so. As a result, China's foes are becoming increasingly powerful because Chinese investors are rushing to flee the country.

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