Potemkin Presidency of Joe Biden

The president and his vice president will appear to criticize Trump. They are not present else.

The one-year anniversary of the January 6 riots played out in a spectacular but anticipated fashion. The analogies to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were made before midday – not by some MSNBC hack, but by our own vice president. Democrats, headed by Speaker Pelosi, held a prayer vigil on the Capitol steps, wearing face masks and waving false candles. Pelosi welcomed writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who then brought cast members from his popular musical Hamilton to sing a virtual rendition of "Dear Theodosia" at one of the day's events. Don't worry if that last line perplexes you: I'm not sure what I just typed either. President Joe Biden, who was considerably more concerned in panic spectacle than governing, was not forgotten in all of this.

It's easy to see why the ordinarily difficult-to-reach On Thursday morning, Joe and Kamala were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they took the stage. After all, they were itching to go back to their former selves. Do you recall Joe and Kamala from before the election? They were well-liked and unafraid.

The world has changed. Inflation, border problems, and at-home testing failures plague the Biden-Harris government. On January 6, 2022, however, Biden was able to put his flaws aside and remind the world of his greatest asset: the fact that he isn't Donald Trump. That's why the Potemkin president talked about the "former person" during his whole address. If Alexandria Ocasio-thesis Cortez's about political criticism is correct, it appears that Biden is fond of 45.

Biden made a point of disparaging all of Trump's followers in addition to fixating on the previous president. The president-elect has no qualms in comparing the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 to the rioters who stormed the Capitol.

“Instead of looking at election results from 2020 and saying they need new ideas or better ideas to win more votes, the former president and his supporters have decided the only way for them to win is to suppress your vote and subvert our elections,” he said.

This may come as a shock to Joe Biden,  but Trump’s 74 million supporters weren’t all present at the Capitol on what the media dweebs are calling “J6.” Biden is implying that all of the law-abiding Americans who supported Trump in 2020 are trying to “subvert elections.” Why not just call all Republicans “armed insurrectionists” from here on out? The man who ran on empathy and healing has proven to be an expert on scapegoating, dividing and vilifying scores of millions of Americans.

Even if everything in Joe Biden's America was perfect, his speech would have been outrageous. I believe the president overplayed his hand, given that things are going about as well for the country as they are for Major Biden. The most devastating feature of Amtrak Joe's speech had little to do with the words he said: Biden's Thursday sermon underscored the president's ability to turn up whenever he wants.

Biden is eager to oblige when he knows that his scripted harsh language will be received with applause from the media. Biden is game if he can pretend to be President for a day and cry about democracy and electoral tampering. Unfortunately, Biden is usually unavailable at other times. If the evacuation from Afghanistan goes wrong, he could arrive up a few days later, but don't hold your breath. Who can forget the image of the president at the platform, his head in his hands? And don't be surprised if you get the back of Biden's head and the sound of loud elevator music when you ask about inflation, Covid-19, or gas costs.

His minions aren’t any better. On the rare occasions that Vice President Kamala Harris answers questions, they come from pre-selected journalists in sit-down interviews. Even then, she manages to bungle it.

When Momala sees an issue she can readily politicize, she seizes the opportunity. Kamala rushed to the nearest cameraman to do an interview after hearing that border patrol authorities had reportedly beaten Haitian refugees in Del Rio, Texas. This was the type of "chum-in-the-water" stuff she could handle as Candidate Kamala, before the world saw how inept she was. While gesticulating for the camera, she leaned in to terms like "terrible" and "thorough inquiry."

Even if the entire tale was false, it didn't matter. These phony tales are what these empty suits are interested in. With wrinkled brows and troubled voices, they may wax poetic and abstractly analyze injustice and hate. They have the ability to say nothing, which is one of their favorite things to do.

Like early-stage Bachelorette hopefuls, Biden and Kamala are not in the White House for the proper reasons. When an anti-Trump mood strikes, they relish feeding red meat to their diminishing fan base on CNN. But what about the 364 days that aren't January 6?

The man and his sidekick are nowhere to be found when it comes to the genuine concerns. He's normally on vacation, totally disguised and strolling his dog on the beach. Her NASA series, which features hired kid actors, is still attempting to get her YouTube Originals career off the ground.

These types of absentee ideologues aren't fooling people, as the 2021 elections shown. Instead, voters preferred politicians who spoke about problems that affected ordinary people. Republicans concentrated their efforts on education, the economy, and crime. Despite having the mainstream media working against them, several of these Republicans were able to connect with people and win elections.

Maybe Biden and his party believe that their voters chat about QAnon Shaman and the meaning of Representative Andy Kim's J-Crew blue outfit around the dinner table at night. Based on Biden's track record after a year, the Democrats had best hope that their constituents are as enamored of insurgency drama as they are.

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