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The Olympics in China are a moral blunder

Even whether the goods was made with forced labor has been questioned.

In regards to China and the 2022 Olympics, the international community has failed. Above all, it's a moral shortcoming, but it's also an administrative and symbolic one.

Beijing's human rights violations, international trade violations, military aggression against neighbors, and, of course, the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic have gone unchecked. In exchange, China has received worldwide acceptance by being awarded the right to organize the 2022 International Olympic Games in Beijing, with the support of the International Olympic Committee as well as European and Western democracies.

There are diplomatic boycotts, which have been issued by a number of countries, including the US. However, this is only a symbolic act designed to appease and finger-wag Beijing rather than modify its conduct. When questioned about a probable full-fledged US sporting boycott, Senator Mitt Romney indicated that he believes the US should compete because he "can't wait for our National Anthem to be played loud and clear in China for the Chinese Communist Party to hear."

Senator, they don't give a damn about you.

China has instituted a trade war with Australia, continued to build slave labor camps for ethnic Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, passed anti-speech and anti-democracy laws in Hong Kong, shuttered independent news organizations, jailed journalists and critics, and threatened star female athletes since the global pandemic began in Wuhan, China, under circumstances the world still does not know the origins of because China has locked out any investigations. Only a few weeks ago, it was revealed that China is compiling a list and database of worldwide detractors of the Olympics. Diplomats, American officials, journalists, and even social media users are among those affected.

All of this has been accomplished in less than three years, primarily to the international community's chagrin. They've been repaid in kind by corporate media firms like NBC News, which will simply turn the other way when it comes to "alleged" human rights violations, as one producer put it. Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to support Chinese projects. Companies are continuing to grow their clientele in China.

If the world refuses to act on China's abuses and aggressions while watching in wonder at what is likely to be a heroic effort to garner accolades for their Olympic endeavors, then potential spectators of this Olympics must simply refuse to watch. Consider that there are now doubts about whether the products and 2022 gear were made with forced labor, and the IOC has resisted intervening or even responding to activist and media demands.

It's possible that your country's athletes may march out wearing "Made in China" gear. At the very least, that should be enough to get people to turn off their televisions and spread the word.

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