Why did Biden smear Manchin?

Why did President Joe Biden's Build Back Better program die? There are two conflicting narratives.

On the left, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is shown as a deceitful villain who pledged to support for Build Back Better, which was announced by the White House on Oct. 28, but then broke his word.

For the rest of us, it's evident that Manchin has been consistent in his refusal to support a Build Back Better measure that was riddled with financial gimmicks and financed a number of new programs for just a few years. He repeated that before the White House issued its framework on Oct. 28, again a few days later, and throughout November and December. He was unflappable. Nothing has ever changed.

However, the Left refuses to acknowledge this truth. They only supported Biden's bipartisan infrastructure measure because he promised them something. Manchin stated that he would vote in support of their version of Build Back Better.

Biden's reputation with his party's base is on the line now that Manchin has officially stated his opposition. "You talked about the necessity of honoring your word of trust," a reporter asked at yesterday's news conference. Do you feel Sen. Manchin followed through on his promise to you? And how do you re-establish trust with your party's progressives in order to get your legislation forward now?"

"Joe went on TV today, and I'm not sure whether it was on TV, but I'm told he was speaking to the liberal caucus in the House and said, 'Joe Biden didn't mislead you, I misled you,'" Biden answered.

As the saying goes, “Huge if true!” It would be a big admission of dishonesty and fault for Manchin to have told the Left he misled them. Problem is, it appears Biden completely made the quote up.

Pressed by reporters to back up Biden’s statements, a White House spokesman was forced to admit, “The president wanted to clarify that Sen. Manchin did not characterize himself as having been ‘misleading.’”

So, yeah, Biden blatantly just made up a quote in which Manchin admitted he misled people. Perhaps this is why the vast majority — 66% of the country, according to the latest poll — do not trust Joe Biden.

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