Taiwan was caught in a trap set by China, but Taiwanese voters were too astute to fall for it

China's Communist Party, led by Xi Jinping, is well-known for its traps. China never shies away from bullying nations throughout the world, whether it's through debt traps or other devious predatory techniques. Most nations succumb under China's strong approach, but Taiwan appears to have acquired a resistance to Chinese belligerence over time.

Taiwan is a firm believer in democracy at the grassroots level. You might wonder what grassroots democracy is. Grassroots democracy is a propensity to build political procedures in such a way that as much decision-making authority as possible is delegated to the organization's lowest geographic or social level. It has the potential to be one of the greatest examples of participatory systems in a country.

Now, grassroots democracy in any other nation would still imply that local governments make as many choices as feasible. Taiwan, after all, isn't your typical country. And you are aware of this. You're also aware that Taiwan is under siege and is continuously on the watch for a full-fledged Chinese invasion.

The people of Taiwan are in charge. Referendums are used by Taiwanese citizens to decide on government policy on disputed and critical matters. Doesn't it sound incredible? But that's how things are in Taiwan. Let's start with the fundamentals. President Tsai Ing-DPP wen's government is now under resistance from the Kuomintang (KMT). While Tsai Ing-Democratic wen's Progressive Party is hell-bent on preserving Taiwanese sovereignty, the borders between the KMT and the DPP are a little blurry. In many aspects, the KMT is pro-China, and this is reflected in their internal politics.

Tsai Ing-wen sweeps essential referendums:

On Saturday, two key referendums in Taiwan failed, one on whether to restrict the import of pork containing a leanness-enhancing ingredient and the other on whether to move a new LNG facility. Taiwan imports lean pork from the United States, and the KMT has been pressing for the import of such pork to be prohibited in Taiwan at China's request. Not only would this jeopardize Taiwan's ties with the United States, but it would also have a negative impact on its attempt to join the CPTPP.

The referendum proposal was defeated, with over 4.13 million people voting "no" to roughly 3.94 million voting "yes." The prohibition had to be reinstated with approximately 4.96 million "yes" votes. As a result, a small number of people attended the referendum, and those who did voted in favor of President Tsai Ing-wen. The Taiwanese president said the win demonstrated how "Taiwanese people desire to move out into the world and are eager to actively engage in the international community."

Taiwan has the smartest voters:

The opposition's motions to demonstrate no confidence in Tsai Ing-administration wen's were defeated, demonstrating that Taiwanese voters are among the sharpest in the world. Rarely do voters have such clarity on topics that might have worldwide repercussions for their country. But, as previously said, Taiwan does not have the luxury of making errors. Its supporters cannot allow China to establish influence in their nation via the KMT. As a result, they have soundly thwarted the KMT's attempt to depose Tsai Ing-wen.

Then there's Taiwan, which is at a crossroads. It is only getting started on its international awareness effort. Do you have any idea how that will start? When Taiwan joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership's Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement (CPTPP). China, on the other hand, intends to pour water on Taiwan's fortunes. China has made its own application to join the trade agreement. As a result, it is virtually vying for the same seat as Taiwan. China may sabotage Taiwan's ambition to join the CPTPP by pushing a wedge between Taipei and Washington on trade issues.

As a result, the KMT is waging a multi-front battle to defeat Tsai Ing-wen. Tsai Ing-wen is the lady who is guiding Taiwan to glory, and Beijing will find it much easier to wield control over Taipei now that she is gone. Taiwanese citizens are well aware of this, which is why they backed their President totally rather than some Chinese stooges.

Despite the fact that Washington is not a participant of the trade treaty, China wants to ensure that commercial relations between Taiwan and the United States do not deteriorate. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate the US's dominance inside the CPTPP. So, when you see it in this light, you can see how astute and tactically selected Taiwanese voters are! 'Wow,' you'd exclaim.

They are well aware of the grave threats that the KMT presents to Taiwan. Taiwan's participation in the CPTPP will serve as a stepping stone for it to connect with the rest of the world and gain traction in other international organizations. As a result, Taiwanese voters have stuck behind their nation and given a serious blow to China's nefarious plans.

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