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Chris Wallace, farewell, and hello (maybe) to a better Sunday news show

It would be good if a Sunday show didn't repeat what 90% of the news media does every other day.

Congratulations to Chris Wallace, who revealed on Sunday that he will be departing Fox News Sunday after a long tenure as anchor. According to reports, he'll be joining CNN, where he'll be able to more publicly express himself as a Joe Biden fan.

I'm not sure who Fox plans to replace Wallace with, but I hope it's someone who doesn't believe it's his responsibility to promote the Washington establishment's tastes.

That's all the Sunday news shows are good for anymore, including at Fox, where Wallace asked all the right questions (i.e., the ones his peers in the media and no one else care about) and booked all the right guests (i.e., those who live in the D.C. area and work at places like the Washington Post or some other "respected" publication).It would be nice if a Sunday show didn't do what 90% of the news media does the rest of the week: create a consensus for themselves (which is exactly how we were forced to endure four years of Trump-Russia) and then promote it endlessly to the rest of us.

Is it written somewhere that the future host of "Fox News Sunday" will have to compete with George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd by acting like George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd?

Change your mind. It may even be entertaining. Fox is generally terrific at it, and now is as good a moment as any to do it.

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