Why is it that there aren't more Black conservatives?

How can we win people's hearts and minds, as well as elections?

I aspired to be a member of the Black Panthers when I was a youngster. They were my idols, not the miserable lot that turned up at the polls in cities like Philadelphia during the previous 20 years, but the originals like Huey Newton.

I composed and presented a short speech about how awesome the Black Panthers were as an English class assignment in high school. This isn't a joke. And, just in case my words weren't enough, I finished the presentation by raising my fist high in the air. Black majesty!
Surprised? My English instructor was unquestionably one of the best.

Yes, I want drastic change, but not because I despised the United States of America. I desired drastic change because I loved America and despised what was happening in my community and throughout the country to so many individuals.

I recently reread the Black Panthers' manifesto and was astounded. Oh, my God, this is pure communist nonsense! As a teenager, though, I was impressed by their acts. Local chapters established kitchens in local communities to feed needy youngsters. Rather than asking or blackmailing government schools to serve breakfast, they took the initiative and made it happen. They bought, cooked, and served meals instead of preaching hope and change.

They were also prepared to stand up for Black people in the face of brutality. But first, let me explain the setting of the 1960s. The FBI's leadership was corrupt back then, and certain members of the bureau are still corrupt now. Conservatives should know that now, after what's been disclosed about the agency's leadership in the political drama of the last five years.

Can you understand why I liked the Black Panthers as a young person? It's the same reason why so many young people nowadays are drawn to Leftist cults. It's inexpensive to talk. It costs money to take action. Many people will welcome radicals if the only constructive activity they see comes from a radical organisation. And this is only one of the numerous reasons why the number of conservative young people has plummeted since the 1960s.

Rush Limbaugh framed the case perfectly.

“Most people want problems solved, and conservatism is actually about that. It’s about solving poverty. It’s about solving racism. It’s about solving bigotry. But look at what the branding has said of conservatism, that conservatism is racism, that it is bigotry, that it is bias, that it is discrimination. Yet the truth is, we want to solve all those problems.”

Rush and I have debated whether it was time to drop the "conservative" moniker throughout the years. Finally, he decided that rather than avoiding the word, we should define what we are for.

In the area where I grew up, I witnessed adversity. I still have acquaintances in my old area, and I know a lot of people who are just scraping by — they have mortgages, kids in school, aging parents, and medical issues, and they are dealing with growing violence. They're attempting to make ends meet, but they're up against a lot of obstacles. What suggestions could conservatives propose to improve people's lives?

Where the elites — from both political parties — have done little to better people's everyday lives, socialism has thrived. We can rebrand conservatism if our ideas, answers, and actions address issues. Victories in elections will follow.

Trust me when I say that we need to do some soul searching and refresh our stale talking points if we want to change hearts and minds. Here are two cases in point.

I'm a rabid supporter of capitalism. We conservatives, on the other hand, should not accept crony capitalism as the dominant form of capitalism in free markets. Corruption is rampant at the highest echelons of business and finance. Republicans should be anti-corruption and pro-the-average-American who wants to take part in the free-market miracle.

Establishment Republicans shout at the mouth over "socialized medicine," and properly so, yet they sit on their hands when people go without health care. Where are our legislative answers to the problems that most people are concerned about, except from opposing socialism? The quiet is deafening to half of the voters in this country.

The reason there aren’t more Black conservatives is the same reason there aren’t more white conservatives — or pick any demographic. Everyone knows what conservatives are against. But we have done a dismal job creating and communicating the solutions we are for.

Conservative values are the values of the United States of America. Conservatism is not uncommon in the African American society, and it used to be the norm. Let us focus on our common principles and forge new relationships. We will see more Black conservatives and win elections if helping individuals experience more of the American ideal is our top focus.

One-fourth of all public schools in New York City have been designated as "failing." If that number doesn't startle you, consider that it represents over 100,000 pupils in over 300 schools. I guarantee you that such failing schools serve primarily minorities in liberal Democratic areas. Despite this, children in these neighborhoods are permitted to waste their youth in failed schools, emerging uninformed and unprepared decade after decade.

In July 2021, Oregon's Democrat governor signed Senate Bill 774 into law, abolishing the requirement for reading, writing, or math competency in order to graduate. The reform will benefit "Black, Latino, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and kids of color," according to a governor's spokesman.

When a parent spanks their child for being out of line, society refers to this as child abuse. But why don't we think it's harmful to send children to school for 12 years and expect them to learn how to read, write, speak English, and compete in the workplace?

Rush and I would frequently discuss race in relation to the day's news headlines. This middle-class youngster from Missouri and this middle-class kid from Queens, New York, were on the same page when it came to concerns.

When Rush spoke about politics on the air, he questioned Black Americans why, after 50 years in power, Democrats in Democratic-controlled cities were expressing the same complaints.

By the way, we always had a sizable Black caller base on the show. (Yes, I can discern someone's skin color over the phone.) One of my superpowers is this.) Some agreed, some disagreed, but the majority told me they valued Rush's ability to speak without pandering.

I'm not seeking for racial quotas or self-congratulatory picture opportunities. I want to see conservative theory in action, winning the hearts and minds of more people, regardless of skin color.

Please, politicians and think-tank operations, pay attention to what I'm saying. As conservatives, we have a tremendous chance to change the course of our country. However, I'm not even referring to political momentum. We have the opportunity to assist in the resolution of difficulties that regular people of all races confront. We need to show that conservatives love people by their actions, not by their words. Conservatism is an expression of love in action.

When I was a youngster, I aspired to be a Black Panther, and then I became a part of a 30-year phenomena that resurrected conservatism. What prompted this shift in my personality? Nothing had changed. I've always been concerned about people and interested in finding answers.
I've always been a conservative, and I wear a black beret on occasion.

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