Why Should We All Fall If Poland Falls?

Its border crisis is much more than a migration problem.

In both Europe and America, the Left and Social Democrats have one thing in common: they have no understanding of human nature. Everyone is excellent, you know. Criminals can all be reintegrated into society. All boundaries are undesirable. Every intercultural mash-up is enlightening.

But there's a catch: it's not correct. All civilizations are not created equal. Not everyone is excellent, either. That's why we need locks on our vehicles and homes, passwords on our bank accounts, and border restrictions surrounding our countries. Even if the modern Left believes that capitalism and my massive diesel car are the only threats to their brave new world, the truth is that there are a lot of guys who wake up every day intent on killing as many Westerners as they can in the name of Allah, whether in New York, Madrid, Paris, or Liverpool this past Sunday. Unfortunately, they are far more adamant about their Islamist crazy than most of our politicians are about their own moral legacy.

Thousands of migrants from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa are converging on the Belarus–Poland border as I write. They were transferred there as part of a plot devised by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who acted as the "in" Islamist travel agency. These migrants have been brought to their current condition by chain messages on WhatsApp and other media promising that they would be able to join the European Union and, in many cases, that they will find work there, which, aside from being a falsehood, strikes me as a poor joke. I'm writing from Spain, where young unemployment is at 42%, and our government has a buffoon promising us that he'll spend our money to combat global warming.

Poland has reacted by condemning the attack and has closed off and militarized its border. They are not ready for an Islamic invasion — the umpteenth — orchestrated by Europe’s enemies and tolerated by a cowardly European Union.

No one is surprised that Lukashenko should try for revenge against the EU over the sanctions received for his fraudulent electoral process. Nor is it surprising that Putin can be seen behind a new operation to destabilize the continent. That's understandable. They are well-known to us. The attitude in Brussels never ceases to astound us. The bureaucrats of European social democracy are straddling two stools: on the one hand, their policy is Agenda 2030, multiculturalism, and the dissolution of Old Europe's identity with anything that erases its Christian heritage, beginning with Muslim immigration; on the other hand, none of the European Union's member countries, in full post-pandemic crisis, wants to take on another invasion of immigrants right now, so timid voices of support for the firm atti They are so shy, however, that they are hard to hear on stage even at mainstream conservative party rallies, but they are frequently heard in the audience.

Only one European country has given military support to Poland to counter the assault, and it is no longer a member of the Union: the United Kingdom. The issue is approaching: on whose side is the EU? Furthermore, considering how expensive the EU's institutions are, what do we want it for if it does not defend the interests and security of its citizens?

I heard in the press that the EU is considering punishing airlines and travel firms engaged in the transfer of individuals to Belarus with the goal of crossing into Poland, some days after the crisis began. Someone needs to tell the Brussels dinosaurs that the migrants are already at the border, that sanctioning airlines for judging the intentions of their passengers is as stupid as it is difficult to carry out, and that what Poland needs is a united European Union response with the military defending their — and our — borders.

Poland’s stance is courageous and risky. Courageous because it is alone. Risky because Lukashenko is itching for war, and threatening daily, armed response to make the Poles move. Poland’s reaction has been to send in the tanks. And Putin, who is very much like that lady who can be spotted at every family wedding but no one knows who she is or who invited her, has sent several bombers to the border, in case the dance starts.


Then there's the situation. The EU Court of Justice fined Poland one million euros a day less than a month ago because the Poles refused to dismiss the newly constituted disciplinary chamber of their Supreme Court, as directed by the European Commission, citing judicial independence concerns. Regardless of the merits of the case, Poland refused to comply with a European legal order that ran afoul of its own Supreme Court, believing that doing so amounted to a de facto surrender of its sovereignty.

The EU has been at war with Poland for months because it considers its government incompatible with “European values.” But a clarification is necessary: when Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, speaks of “European values,” she is not referring to the values of the Old Europe of Christian humanism, but to those of the new Europe built in Brussels by the bureaucrats who admire Agenda 2030, the fight against climate change, the destruction of the family, and the promotion of Islam.

To put it another way, what upsets the EU sheiks the most is that Poland made headlines a year ago for the 100-plus towns that declared themselves "LGBT ideology-free zones" with the cooperation of the government. To be more specific, the European Commission officials are irritated by the fact that Poland only a few months ago prohibited abortion in cases of fetal abnormality, which accounted for the great majority of cases. The EU is irritated by the fact that Poland, along with Hungary, is one of only two nations that have dared to stand up to Big Tech by enacting legislation that protects users from ideological censorship on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. At the end of the day, Poland is doing what Brussels is supposed to be doing, which includes having Greta Thunberg speak in the European Parliament.

As a result, the current border crisis is much more than a migratory issue. In fact, the pro-green press considers this an emergency and a refugee catastrophe, which is hilarious. Except for the one Putin wants to create, there is no emergency. And there is no refugee crisis since these immigrants aren't fleeing violence, but rather a fantastic — but non-existent — work opportunity.

In the midst of a growing national fervor, Poland is resisting, despite the efforts of Poland's own far-left to denigrate their fellow citizens by accusing them of collective far-right craziness. There isn't anything like it. There is only one nation that is proud of its sovereignty, culture, and willingness to fight for the things that made Old Europe great centuries ago but are now eroding.

If Poland succumbs to European social democracy's pressures and the Left's multicultural drivel, the entire West will follow, from Brussels to Madrid and Rome to Washington. And Putin, Lukashenko, and Xi Jinping will have triumphed in the century's most significant struggle. Fortunately, I have a sense that St. John Paul II, a man who is well-versed in pulling down walls that dehumanize and deny man his freedom, will not allow his country to fall.

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