A Guide to Leftist Destruction in a Nutshell

Perhaps the most basic rule to comprehend the current world is this: Everything the Left touches turns to ashes.

Perhaps the most basic rule to comprehend the current world is this: Everything the Left touches turns to ashes.

Years ago, during my radio broadcast, this became evident to me. I was referring to the Left's anti-Boy Scout campaign (for not accepting announced gay people). As it became evident that the Boy Scouts would eventually be phased out, I wondered, "Will the left replace the Boy Scouts with a left-wing Boy Scouts?"

Then I responded to my own question by saying, "Of course not." Because the Left only destructs; it never creates (other than government).

Here's a list of several of the things the Left degrades and frequently destroys to back up that assertion.

No. 1: Art.

The art world was long since controlled by the left. As a result, much modern art has been ugly, pointless, and nihilistic since the twentieth century — the polar antithesis of what Western art has traditionally been.

No. 2: Music.

In music, the Left did to the hearing what it did to the eyes in art. As a part-time conductor, I can claim with some authority that much current classical music has been ugly, pointless, and uninspired since the birth of atonal music (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Music reviewers and, of course, music instructors are nearly exclusively fans of this type of music. The majority of classical music fans never listen to it.

No. 3: Journalism.

Journalists used to be held in high regard. Unless a story was labeled "opinion," readers assumed they were getting the most accurate report possible — "just the facts," to the best of a journalist's abilities. They are now getting opinion, not truth, on practically every contentious subject. Almost every major newspaper and other "news" organization serves the same function as Pravda did in the Soviet Union: to spread the party message.

No. 4: Colleges and universities.

Universities as centers of study dedicated to discovering truth and hence embracing, even promoting, varied viewpoints have been destroyed by the Left. Almost every left-wing notion originated in a university.

No. 5: High schools and elementary schools.

Most schools in America -- private as much as public -- teach children that America is systemically racist and that they are not born male or female, but at a later age will choose whether to be one or the other -- or neither. And increasingly, American educational institutions deny objective truth exists, even in mathematics.

No. 6: Happiness.

You can meet happy and unhappy liberals and happy and unhappy conservatives, but you are unlikely to ever meet a happy leftist. The only question is whether the unhappy gravitate to leftism or whether leftism makes people unhappy. Both are probably true.

No. 7: The family.

People on the Left increasingly choose not to get married and not to have children -- in other words, not to make families. And their welfare policies serve to disincentivize the creation of families.

No. 8: Women.

Depression rates among young individuals, particularly young women, are at an all-time high in American history. One explanation is that women have been told for half a century that "a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle," as one renowned feminist put it. However, the great majority of (heterosexual) women, as well as the vast majority of (heterosexual) men, require a man in order to feel fulfilled.

No. 9: Childhood.

One reason young people on the Left don't want children is that the Left doesn't particularly like children. The teachers unions' adamant refusal to open schools for over a year has opened many Americans' eyes to this fact. So has the war on children's innocence - like prematurely talking to them about sex and having schools introduce them to drag queens from the age of five.

No. 10: Black life.

Like the Democratic Party historically, the left is racist. And it is so in precisely the way the word was always used -- the Left believes in black inferiority. That is why leftists advocate lowering standards for blacks. That is why they advocate policies that always result in more blacks dying at the hands of other blacks. That is why they believe the state must take care of blacks more than any other group. That is why left-wing policies, from the Great Society to today, have destroyed so much of black life, especially its family life -- and they don't care.

No. 11: Black-white relations.

According to polls and just about every American who recalls life a decade ago, black-white relations were significantly better then, and both groups were confident that relations would improve more. With anti-white, "America is systematically racist" propaganda spewed from practically every major media outlet and forcefully pushed in almost every school and significant corporation, the Left broke that. The Left understands that when blacks and whites are happy with one another, they lose their appeal and elections.

No. 12: The military.

As the military gets more and more woke-- recall the testimony of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testifying before Congress about the need to teach the military about white racism -- soldier morale declines. Add to this the utterly gratuitous and cruel mandate that every member of the military get vaccinated or be discharged and you understand why military morale is in steep decline.

No. 13: Late-night television.

Americans who remember the late-night comedy superstars, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, recall how their main purpose was to make Americans smile and laugh before they went to bed. Few people knew what each host's political opinions were. That is no longer the case. Late-night humor has been obliterated by the left. It has devolved into a collection of enraged tirades against conservatives.

No. 14: Superman.

Superman was an iconic American hero. Thanks to the Left, he is no more. About a decade ago, Superman stood in front of the United Nations to announce he was renouncing his American citizenship to become a "citizen of the world." And the Left has now changed his motto from "Truth, Justice, and the American way" to "Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow."

No. 15: Free speech.

Never before has freedom of speech been threatened as it is today. As has been true since the communist revolution in Russia, everywhere the Left has gained power -- from Russia in 1917 to the university and social media today -- it has suppressed free speech. There is no exception.

No. 16: Sports.

Sports had been a wonderful American unifier until last year. It was one area where Americans could leave politics behind and support for the same team, regardless of their political affiliation. That is no longer the case. Baseball, football, and basketball have all been wrecked by the Left's excessive politicization.

The great American tragedy is that almost every liberal recognizes that the foregoing is correct, but almost everyone still votes for the Left.

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