China has been startled by Taiwan's secret submarine project with seven other countries

The international community is now assisting Taiwan in its fight against China.

Taiwan is constructing eight cutting-edge submarines. By 2025, the first submarine should be delivered to the Taiwanese navy. Taiwan has picked submarine designs that are exceptionally stealthy and capable of wreaking havoc on the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Instead of nuclear-powered submarines, the island country will construct diesel-electric submarines. Diesel-electric submarines are less expensive than nuclear submarines, and their electric motors generate less noise when submerged in water. In the event of an invasion, the stealthy submarines will assist Taiwan in intercepting and striking Chinese forces attempting to cross the narrow Formosa Strait.

Taiwan, however, is not alone. Seven nations from across the world are assisting Taiwan, and China is concerned. Let's start with the Chinese response. The Chinese Communist Party replied as follows to reports that seven democratic nations were partnering with Taiwan to build submarines. Taiwanese "authorities are cooperating with overseas forces" on the program, according to China's foreign ministry. A Chinese foreign ministry official said the nations should "stop military connections with Taiwan and stop assisting the 'Taiwan independence' separatist forces" and avoid from engaging in the submarine endeavor.

These countries are "playing with fire," according to the report, and "those who play with fire will get burned themselves."

Which Countries are Helping Taiwan Build Submarines?

The United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, South Korea, Canada, and Spain have all aided Taiwan in the development of cutting-edge submarines capable of destroying a Chinese invading naval force. The US has contributed vital technology, including combat-system components and sonars, according to Reuters. The United Kingdom has also been of great assistance. According to a source acquainted with his work, retired Commodore Ian McGhie, a veteran of the Royal Navy submarine fleet, was a major figure in the campaign to acquire submarine expertise. In the last three years, Britain has issued various export licenses for UK businesses to transfer submarine components, technology, or software to Taiwan.

The Reuters report added, “Taipei also succeeded in hiring engineers, technicians and former naval officers from at least five other countries: Australia, South Korea, India, Spain and Canada.” These experts are guiding the submarine builder – CSBC Corporation Taiwan on how to go about accomplishing the mission at hand.

The World Has Come a Long Way:

From refusing to do business with Taiwan, to refusing to sell it submarines, to now assisting the island nation in developing its own submarines, the world has gone a long way. Submarines from Japan, the United States, and potentially the United Kingdom are already patrolling the tumultuous South China Sea in an attempt to counter Chinese belligerence. By assisting Taiwan in developing its own submarines, the democratic world is safeguarding Taipei's independence.

Taiwan is on the verge of acquiring nuclear-powered ballistic submarines, thereby putting China at a disadvantage. In the event of an attempted invasion of Taiwan, China will already be confronted with geographically difficult conditions. Hundreds of soldiers will have to be transported over the narrow Taiwan Strait to dangerous landing beaches by the PLA. Following that, Chinese forces will have a difficult time sustaining themselves as they make their way through the mountains to Taipei. All of this is happening while Taiwanese defenses open fire on the intruders.

In addition, Taiwan has caused China problems in Lithuania, Honduras, and the Solomon Islands. While the Solomon Islands are on the verge of civil war due to growing Chinese influence, Lithuania has taken a number of steps to harm Chinese interests, including a campaign against Chinese smartphones and the establishment of the first "Taiwan Representative Office" in the capital city, complete with the name Taiwan. In Honduras, a pro-China politician aspiring to ascend to power has been pressured by the United States and Taiwan to change her pro-Beijing stance.

Taiwan and Tsai Ing-wen have given Xi Jinping a series of diplomatic losses, leaving no opportunity for the paranoid dictator to preserve face.

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