While the rioter who testified against Rittenhouse is referred to as a 'hero,' his criminal record reveals a violent past

When Gaige Grosskreutz, 28, took the stand against Kyle Rittenhouse, the left clapped.

To them, he was a hero who tried to confront a "crazy white supremacist with an assault weapon," and when Grosskreutz and his missing arm testified against the boy who shot him, major media outlets sympathized and Twitter went wild.

But Grosskreutz is no hero. In fact, he harasses women and abuses elderly women, particularly his own grandma.

As the GAG reported, Grosskreutz is something of a career criminal with a history of violence and convictions stretching back to over a decade:

These include domestic abuse, prowling, trespass, two DUIs, felony burglary and two charges of carrying a firearm while intoxicated – one of which took place when he was banned as a felon from carrying a firearm.

He also has a history of showing disdain for the law by lying to, and failing to co-operate with, police.

But the Rittenhouse jury heard none of this.

Because just six days before he took the stand, Grosskreutz was before a judge himself at a hearing at which a pending DUI charge – a second offense that saw him three times over the legal limit – was dismissed on a technicality.

Grosskreutz’s attorney successfully filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence on the basis that the traffic stop from which it had been obtained had been unlawful.

So, prior to the trial, the jury was completely uninformed of Grosskreutz's criminal background, which included being illegally armed and a proclivity for physical violence. These instances of assault are particularly interesting because the victims are mostly women.

Grosskreutz destroyed his ex-bedroom girlfriend's window about 4 a.m. in 2013 after pestering her on the phone.

Worse, after an altercation in 2010, Grosskreutz was arrested for slapping his grandmother "across the face with an open hand," as well as hurling a lamp and destroying a wall.

During the trial, Grosskreutz was the prosecution’s star witness after having been shot in the arm by Rittenhouse during the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Rittenhouse killed two other men. However, Grosskreutz bombed their case when he admitted to charging at Rittenhouse holding a firearm with intent to harm him. He also admitted that Rittenhouse did not discharge his firearm until Grosskreutz pointed his gun at him, which may very well make this a pretty clear case of self-defense.

The question is, will this information matter to the left or anyone against Rittenhouse?

Probably not.

As Townhall's Julio Rosas wrote yesterday, demonstrators want Rittenhouse imprisoned for murder, and they don't seem to mind that one of the persons Rittenhouse shot was a convicted child rapist. They even referred to those who were shot by the teen as "heroes," and conversations about a minor's sexual assault as "hate talk."

But the rest of us should understand what Rittenhouse was up against and who we're up against when it comes to violent criminals who want to burn cities down in the name of "social justice."

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